The basic concept of advertising

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concept of advertising is a special transmission of certain data for which the customer pays.It must be persuasive about the fact that the goods it is necessary to purchase and services or ideas - to use.The functions of advertising carried out by various advertising companies through a variety of media.

advertising market is a sector where supply and demand meet in the mentioned services.In this economic sector, consumers interact with advertisers advertising, its manufacturers and distributors.The object of their relationship is a product, service or information.

Advertisers - a manufacturer, vendor or production company that distributes advertising.

Manufacturer - a person who provides information in the form in which it will be brought to the public.

Distributor is a subject that brings ads in any way, by any means, in any form.

Consumers - a person to whom all activities aimed above companies.

concept of advertising can also be defined as a way of communication, it is a method of marketing the goods, mediating between the producer and the consumer.Advertising is characterized as a process of convincing the buyer in the acquisition of this particular product.

concept of advertising says that its action is aimed at several groups: children, adolescents, young people, middle-aged people, the elderly.In addition, each product is designed for specific groups of consumers.Therefore, manufacturers are releasing products, developing a plan to attract customers to purchase their goods.This strategy is the marketing service.Advertising is designed to promote sales of goods in a certain place, involving the public interest the population in purchasing.

services for goods and represent the concept of advertising.It can be delivered to people in different ways.Information of this nature is placed in newspapers, on television, the Internet, radio broadcasting.Now a lot of advertising on the streets of the city, for this purpose, signs, posters, banners, billboards.

State and its organs can be used social advertising (concept, objectives and functions of its defined in the RF Law "On Advertising").This information, which heard an indefinite number of the population by any means and methods in support of the charitable purposes for the benefit of the state.

It has now become a popular online advertising.It is no coincidence, because the social network is almost in every home.She is able to convey information to large numbers of users.The basic concepts of advertising in the Internet space:

- banner ads - posted on the website has a link to the advertiser;

- contextual advertising - a form of advertising that is displayed on thematic sites and matches the content page;

- search advertising is displayed in the search results.

But it is difficult to tell which way is the most effective.Each of them has its own characteristics and aims to achieve a certain result.In order to choose the right method of advertising, you need to study the characteristics, methods and goals of the concept.