Natural areas of Eurasia

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Eurasian Natural areas are characterized by distinct geographical distinction.On this continent presents all the existing zones, ranging from rainforest and ending with the Arctic deserts.Each of them has some special features, including the unique flora and fauna.

Natural areas Eurasia table locations:

  1. equatorial forests - are located in the Pacific Islands.
  2. monsoon forests - are located in the eastern part of the continent.
  3. Zhestkolistvennye forests in the Mediterranean.
  4. deserts and semi - Arabia.
  5. Sawaneh - coast of India and Indochina.
  6. Altitude zonation expressed in the Himalayas.
  7. coniferous forests (taiga) - these natural zones of Eurasia stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
  8. Arctic wilderness - the coast of the Arctic Ocean.

Unfortunately, in the European part of the continent pristine forests practically no - for many years they were subjected to mass felling, which affected also on the number of animal populations.Some species are considered endangered and are protected by the state.Today in Europe there are artificial plantations.

Eurasia: natural areas and their characteristics

Arctic desert stretching along the coast of the Arctic Ocean.Living conditions are harsh enough.In these areas inhabited by seals, polar bears and several species of birds.As for the flora, then it is represented mainly mosses, lichens and Arctic poppy.

taiga zone stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic.As climatic conditions are changing from west to east, and the diversity of species is changing.For example, in western Siberia, the main trees are the following: cedar pine and fir, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean meets the Korean cedar.In addition, the boreal forest is inhabited by animals such as lynx, moose, sable, marten, ermine, and brown bears.

As for the mixed and deciduous forests, they are almost gone.In Europe, in their place appeared the secondary crops, and in Asia created arable land.However, this zone is characterized by maple oak, hornbeam, elm, beech.

Barrens are nothing other than a huge space with herbaceous vegetation.Unfortunately, in its original form, they survived only on the territory of the reserve - only there you can explore the natural landscapes.The rest of the area was reserved for agriculture.In this zone mainly from the live rodents.

deserts and semi - natural areas of Eurasia, these are found mainly in the central part of the continent (eg, Gobi desert).Conditions in these areas are far from optimal - low rainfall, cold winters and hot summers.Interestingly, there is a place with so-called quicksand.As for the vegetation, here it is presented-bag, sagebrush, sand sedge and saxaul.In this area live rodents, ungulates and some representatives of reptiles.

Zone zhestkolistyh forests and shrubs located in the subtropical zone, to be exact - in its western part.The remaining forests can be seen overgrown with bamboo and magnolia, laurel and camphor.But wild animals at one time were almost completely destroyed.Only in the highlands of Asia Minor still inhabited by hyenas, foxes and antelopes.

Savannah - these natural zones of Eurasia represented mainly on the coasts of Indochina and the Indian subcontinent.The fauna is very rich - tigers, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, deer, antelopes, monkeys.These areas are mainly planted with herbaceous plants, but there are real trees from the Indian banana palms, acacias.There are valuable species, such as sal and teak wood from which the expensive, rare woods.