Product Positioning

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positioning of goods - the process of determining the place that new goods should occupy among existing.Proper charting consumer perception of a particular product from a competing group is very helpful when planning to release new products to the market or to identify ways to upgrade and improve products that are already on sale.

product positioning is carried out to ensure it a competitive position among the counterparts in the market.To do this, develop and implement a set of activities.Place a particular product in the consumer's mind in marketing referred to his position.

In terms of classic market consumers are overwhelmed by information on its proposed goods and services.Often, they are not able to evaluate the purchase of goods.The position occupied by the product in the mind of the buyer, is a whole set of perceptions, sensations and experiences that arise when compared to competing products.

Consumers attempt to spread itself to different goods categories.However, this natural product positioning is not beneficial for manufacturers who are using marketing tools tend to make the process manageable and beneficial to you.

To date, developed and successfully applied three main product positioning strategy:

  1. Strengthening the current position of the brand in the minds of consumers.
  2. Search unoccupied positions, which represents the value of a large number of consumers.
  3. replacement of competitors from their position in the minds of consumers or repositioning (if necessary penetration into new segments and new markets).

positioning strategy developed in three stages.The first is determined by the current positioning, the second selected desired position, the third - to develop their own set of measures to achieve the desired position.

basic principles of positioning are: consistency and loyalty to once chosen direction for a long time;availability and simplicity combined with the expressiveness of presenting position;full compliance with all components of business (goods, services, advertising, and so on. d.) the selected position.

key advantage of product, allowing the consumer to meet best their needs and distinguishing unique product from competitors, an attribute called positioning.That it is a source of motivation for buying.Selecting marketers attribute starts with the identification of customer segments for benefits.They are divided into clusters on several grounds: on the basis of the price of goods, the image quality, a method of using this product, solutions of specific problems, or based on a combination of benefits.

goods at competitive positioning to its peers can be done either through a new (free in the niche) position, or by displacement from this position of competitors.