What absolutism and absolute monarchy?

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There are many forms of the state.However, not everyone can explain, for example, what the absolutism or capitalism.From this point of view they need to be carefully considered.For example, particular attention should be paid to the question of what is absolutism.From the Latin word translated as "unlimited" or "independent".

What absolutism in terms of the political system?The answer to this question is quite simply to give, without going into specific details.Absolutism - is a form of feudal state, which emerged during the rise of capitalism and the expansion of feudal relations.

From a formal legal position to answer the question "What is the absolutism?" As follows.The head of state is considered as the basic and, in fact, the only source of legislative power in the country.He also is the executive power.Monarch sets all laws and can competently manage the state budget and treasury.It is in the face of fierce absolutism reached the most critical degree of centralization of power in the hands of one man, this creates a detailed legal and tax system (bureaucracy).Establish a permanent army.

What absolutism from a social point of view?Social support of the political system - it is the nobility.However, at the same time it is an absolute monarchy is playing on the contradictions between the noble class and the bourgeoisie, which, however, though not claim to power, but have sufficient influence.

At some certain stage of world history is absolutism played a decisive key role in the social and political progress.Using all its main advantages, it marked the fight against the separatist movement and the feudal nobility, attempted to subordinate the church to the state.It is in this political system finally disappeared feudal and political fragmentation.Laid the foundation for capitalist relations began the process of formation of national states and individual nations in general.However, at the same time such an operation has generated, and the era of mercantilism and trade wars (a good example - is absolutism in England).

However, even this factor positively affecting progress.Use of the new economic resources to achieve military power, competition between the bourgeoisie and the nobility - all approaching the age of capitalism.

What absolutism in terms of its impact on history?Virtually all of the characteristic features of the system embodied in the policy of France, where he flourished in the age of 16-17.English absolutism gradually developed into a constitutional monarchy.In Russia, Austria and Germany, the opposition of the bourgeoisie and the nobility was less pronounced, and therefore found its response in a centralized absolutism.In the same Germany the regime formed within the territories of individual small principalities.For the second half of the eighteenth century was to flourish so-called enlightened absolutism.