Company: classification in various spheres of life, the types, the definition of society

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Society - a structural unit of human life.Determination of a company may be given in a broad sense and narrow.But from this it does not lose its main function: here people live and develop, improve their knowledge and meet new people.In short, it is in the cell life comes socialization.

particular society and its classification

society in the narrow sense - is the range of people who are united by common interests or backgrounds.To this type include classes, such as nobles.Also in the narrow sense, understand them separately taken a particular society - for example, modern Russia.This type can be attributed to the stage of development of any state, for example, feudal society.Oddly enough, but the whole of humanity in general also applies to society in the narrow sense.

particular society in a broad sense is as follows: it is closely connected with the nature of the world or a form of bringing people together.

As for classification, it is usually divided into three stages: the traditional, industrial and postindustrial society.The latter is most often referred to simply as information.Traditional society - a society based on tradition.Here is dominated by subsistence farming and barter economic system - the command.For this type of religiosity is characterized by high and low possibility of social mobility.State completely absorbed personality.Thinking is always conservative, and a transformation is always negative.The next stage of development - industrial society.This Western model of building relationships has come to the country because of the technological revolution and the industrial revolution.It is characterized by an abrupt process of development, private property is the foundation of the economy, and society itself seeks to dominate nature.In most countries, civil society develops and increases the possibility of social mobility.The last stage of development - a stage of post-industrial or information.The definition of the information society is that it is the type of society, the foundation of which is the information and services.

Typically, these types are developed in an evolutionary way.The economic system is most often the market, in the civil society actively promotes the principles of a high level of legal culture and legal awareness.The individual in society is developing and seeks to influence government.Its main features - high social mobility, and the leading role of education.

Determination of society in the economic system most often associated with the formation of a joint-stock.It is a form of economic unit of the company.Joint-stock company whose definition can be found in textbooks of the economy, based on the division of shares between the parties.

So society, in whatever sense, the term was not used - it is always a group of people.It's part of the nature in which people develop and succeed.