Olympic bear as a symbol and guardian of the Summer Olympic Games in 1980

Summer 1980 for the Soviet Union and many of its cities has become a landmark.It was at this time in the Soviet Union were the XXII Summer Olympic Games.The Olympics has become famous by the fact that it refused to participate in over 50 countries.This was due to the introduction of Soviet troops into Afghanistan.Despite this, some athletes from countries boycotted the games yet arrived in the capital of the Soviet Union and participated in the games.

symbol of the Olympic Games in Moscow became an Olympic bear.The author of this character - the illustrator of children's books Victor Chizhikov.Bear Bear author affectionately nicknamed Mikhailov Potapych Bruins.This character still remains in Russia and far beyond its borders one of the most beloved heroes.Organising Committee for the Olympic Games in Moscow chose the mascot is an animal, becauseBear had the qualities of perseverance, strength, endurance and courage, which are inherent to any athlete.

The Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games has received more than 40 thousand. Drawings of bears.But choose a suitable option could not be very long.After all, artists have been waiting not just the usual aggressive bear, and gentle and kind animal, at the same time knows how to stand up for themselves.It became such a young one and an Olympic bear.

Victor Chizhikov portrayed his Potapich with a smile on his attractive face, with kind eyes.And the workers of the Moscow Zoo, even determined the age of the bear - only 3 months.

Misha was not only a favorite of the participants of the Olympiad, but also received national recognition fans.Creator sporting character said that he sent a letter from Toptygina fans from around the world.So, for example, as many as 5 years Chizhikov corresponded with Polish students from Svidvena.He sent the boys a lot of souvenirs and gifts, among them Olympic Bear: photo with its images, icons and books.

During the Olympics emblem illustrator of children should have received a huge amount of money, but he came to the Organizing Committee for the well-deserved reward, he received only 250 rubles.Famous throughout the world six-meter Olympic teddy bear was created in the city of Zagorsk, the Research Institute of Rubber Industry.First was made rubberized cloth, then glued kleyschitsy in duplicate figure Toptygina.

But it was an easy task.It was more difficult to teach the clumsy fly.As planned, he had to bear up in the air over the upper stands at 3.5 m and leave the Olympic stadium.Because of the shape of a bear it was very difficult, but possible.After a lot of tests on lifting figures in the air, it was decided to attach balloons inflated with helium, to the ears and the upper paws hero.

Misha became a talisman and a symbol of the games in 1980 because of its charm, good nature and beauty.Especially participants and spectators sport Olympics remembered its closure, which took place on August 3, 1980 at the stadium "Luzhniki".That same day, clumsy figure was launched on balloons in the blue sky under the song Metropolitan Nicholas and Alexandra Pakhmutova Dobronravova "Good-bye, our sweet Misha."