Why dream of a dead man?

There are many beliefs about what a dream deceased person.Someone thinks that this dream foretells the weather change, and someone wants to believe that the deceased is trying something to warn.Well, it is quite possible that right and those and others.Let's consider the dreams of the dead in different contexts.It is believed that even after the death of a man trying not to lose touch with their loved ones.For example, parents who have died may well keep in touch with their children, coming to him in a dream in the most crucial moments.So they are trying to warn about any danger or recall something important.

In any case, do not be afraid if the dream of a dead man, because such dreams may indeed be prophetic.For example, if the dream of a dead man than a depressed and sad, that in reality should be prepared for some trouble.If the deceased cheerful and happy, you can expect good life changes.It is also very important to listen to what they say the dead in a dream.Other characters of dreams can not al

ways tell the truth, and the deceased usually do not cheat.It is also believed that if the vision came late grandfather or grandmother, then the dream shows the events that in the near future will play a significant role in your life.

What else says dream interpretation?The dead man, who in a dream is calling you with hugs, kisses and tries to lead, does not bode good.It's clear that the dream is not always possible to control the situation.Yet we must try not to succumb to the temptation to escape from the embrace and not to go after the dead.If you manage to do this, you will be able to avoid death due to illness or any accident.Also, in any case can not be a dream to give something deceased, even if that person was living when you are very dear and close.But taking gifts from the dead is even possible, because this dream foretells wealth and happiness, which is not far off.

What dreams deceased person who asks you about what gift you would like to receive?This is a very curious dream in which it is best not to call the deceased something specific.It may be that the thing desired by you in a dream, the reality would be superfluous.Therefore it is better to say that you would like to get the best and most expensive gift.In this case, no matter what it is.It is important that in reality all your wildest dreams will come true.And everything will be even better than you imagined.

And what dream of a dead person, who is sleeping or naked?This dream may indicate that he finally rested on the light.His soul forever farewell to earthly cares and sorrows, its nothing more disturbing.In any case, the dreams, which featured departed better treated carefully.For example, many mothers have lost their child, can often see him in a dream.And not just frequently, but for many years.In these dreams, the child grows up, to begin their life.Sometimes it happens that a child came to her mother in a dream, saying goodbye to her and predicts that instead she will soon be another baby.Such dreams often push people to adoption.Or suddenly it turns out that the deceased child told her mother about the pregnancy.Do not ignore such dreams, because often even do not need to decipher something that dream dead man, because these dreams actually reported directly about what to expect.