Do I need to break off the lower leaves of the cabbage: the "pros" and "cons"

Those who do not know, and whether you can break off the lower leaves of cabbage, often self-deprive themselves of a good harvest.And that is why this vegetable is so responsive to human intervention in their natural processes, we shall understand with the help of the knowledge and experience of professionals.

Myths gardeners self-taught

most problematic crop for gardeners is cabbage, as the seedlings often die in the ground of lack of water and fertilizer.But even those shoots that have been able to move the transplant and got accustomed to the new environment, do not give the desired result - the large and dense fork.The reasons for this "debacle" gardeners can be mass, since the depletion of the soil and ending pests.However, to write off all the failures only natural factors are not worth it.It is causing great harm to the plant and inexperienced gardener, violating the rules of care for culture and interfering with the natural formation of the plug.Therefore, to understand whether or not to break off the lower leaves of cabbage, should be more detailed.And also take into account the point of view on this issue both novices and professionals.

many "professionals" land deeds are convinced that aesthetic appearance of head should not spoil the deformed covering leaves in the kitchen have experienced hostess, as well as in the garden.In addition, they are even convinced that they know how and when to break off the leaves of cabbage that plugs sealed and increased in size.At the same time, adhering to his point of view in the cultivation of vegetables, argue none of the rules with agronomic position they can not.They build such convictions in the tradition of past generations, and the boards of the same self-taught gardeners who do not know whether to break off the lower leaves of the cabbage.

Recommendations from professional agronomists

Based not only on experience and knowledge, experts in the field of cultivation of home vegetable crops is very categorical on the issue of whether to break off the covering leaves of cabbage.Their unambiguous negative answer does not apply only to the sick and damaged by pests of the vegetable.In other cases, does not require sprouts break off the lower leaves, which are assimilation apparatus for the whole plant.Firstly, they protect against the ingress of forks of insects who want to profit by juicy cabbage.Secondly, the covering leaves function as moisture and temperature controller.And third, they protect the head from being infected by various pathogens, so even for storage cabbage is recommended to leave a few leaves opaque.

consequences of disturbing the natural growth of cabbage

debating about whether to break off the lower leaves of the cabbage, it must be remembered that the plant - is a complex organism that is responsible for its own growth.Each of its parts does its irreplaceable function, so the removal of the covering elements leads to a violation of natural processes.And it's not just green, but withered and rotted leaves, which are used to plant so-called "garbage disposal".

Those who still doubt whether it is necessary to break off the lower leaves of the cabbage, it should be recalled that the sections of this vegetable juice actively allocate to a specific smell.And if this aroma is almost imperceptible to humans, the insects it very attractive.After a couple of minutes after removing the head of cabbage leaf it will just attacked by various pests, and consequently - suffering from a weak plant and a lack of a good harvest.