Examples of speech errors.

word - an important element of our daily lives, and in particular the question.This unit can rightly be called an extremely diverse and volume.With it, we do not just give the names of objects and events, but also convey their thoughts and feelings.Memorize the main examples of speech errors, you can avoid them in the future and make your style of communication over the net.

when we define what word to say, you must consider several aspects.Among them, first of all, belong to the stylistic coloring, use and appropriateness of the level of compatibility with other components of the proposal.If you break even one of these rules, the chance of saying something wrong to increase significantly.

followed by the value

Examples speech errors are often due to the fact that the speaker does not understand the meaning of a word and use it in a situation which is not suitable for this.For example, in the phrase "the fire burn harder" The used verb correctly.It has two meanings.

The first of them - a "burn, warm up to high temperature", and the second - "excited."In this situation, it would be much more logical to use the word "flare."It just conveys the meaning that the author tried to invest in the sentence.


often speakers use significant words and auxiliaries, without considering their semantics.Often there are mistakes in the speech media.Examples of these can be one of those "due to a tornado, killing thousands of people."The pretext with which to begin the phrase must be used only in those situations where we want to say that caused the desired, but not destroy the result.

nature of the error lies in the semantic abstraction word from the verb, which gave a boost to its appearance.In the above case, instead of "thanks" to have to say "because", "due" or "as a result."

Similar, but different

in any sphere of activity is inevitable speech errors.Examples of life are often associated with the choice of words, concepts that have a different base of division.That is, we are talking about a combination in the context of a specific and abstract vocabulary.So, quite often there are phrases in the style of "to ensure full recovery of drug addicts and other diseases."If we talk about the illness, you need to use the name, but not to talk about the people who suffer them.In this situation, it would be correct to use the word "addiction."

At every step we await speech and grammatical errors.Examples of these are so ingrained in our lives that we can not even notice that the talk is wrong.These cases belong misuse paronyms.Many people are confused about the terms "target" (one who is writing a letter) and "sender" (the sender of the author).To avoid embarrassment, you just need to remember the importance of such problematic words.


Another perennial problem many people - is that they do not follow the lexical combinability phrases that are uttered.After all, when we choose the right word, you need to keep track not only for its literary value.Not all designs are harmoniously interconnected.To keep the balance of the speech, it is necessary to take into account the semantics, style, grammatical features of words and not only.

You can find a variety of deals with speech errors.Examples of this type may be: "Good father need to show a sample of their children."In this case it is necessary to use the word "example".

synonyms, homonyms, Paronyms

With misuse of synonyms often associated speech errors on television.Examples are often associated with the wrong choice of words and the emotional coloration of the scope of its use, "the Director-General made a boo-boo, and immediately proceeded to his correction."It is much better for this situation has come to a neutral word "error" instead chosen jargon.

Homonyms also often the cause of the incorrect statements.If you can not pull them out of context, the meaning of these words will be quite clear.But there are cases where they are used in a totally unsuitable for this situation.Upon hearing the sentence "Now the crew is in excellent condition," we can not understand who or what is at stake: on the team or wagon.In this situation, no additional context is necessary.

types of speech errors (we will deal with examples later) are often due to the fact that speaking properly use ambiguous words.To avoid such missteps, you must keep track of how acceptable a specific word for the situation.

An important role is played by the context.With his help, we can understand the meaning of many words.Example - "she raspelas."No further explanation is difficult to understand, the heroine was fascinated by the action or simply gained momentum.

Too much or too little

separate category of formulating proposals - is the use of verbosity.Types of speech errors are discussed further examples:

  1. Pleonasm (use of similar meaning and at the same time unnecessary in this situation words): "Each guest received a souvenir."
  2. unnecessary words (not because of the lexical similarity, but simply because they are in the proposal should not be used): "Then the fact that you can enjoy life on January 10, will take care of our Gift Shop."
  3. Tautologies (several concepts that have the same roots, or other morpheme): "Our company is set up in the holiday spirit."
  4. Split predicates (where we can say one word, it said several convey the same meaning).Often there are mistakes in the speech media.Examples might be: "fight" instead of "fight", "eat food" instead of "is" and so on. D.
  5. Parasites (usually particles or nouns that people fill awkward pauses in their statements): "Shoot"" Well "," e ", as well as various obscene language.

Examples speech errors are also often associated with the lexical incomplete statements.This omission in the sentence, which logically should be there.This gaffe is present in the proposal "not to publish in newspapers and television statements that can cause an aggressive reaction."One gets the impression that the author says, "in the pages of TV."

New and old

Many types of speech errors with examples are related to the improper use of new and obsolete words.Often, the authors fail to enter their context or come up with their own, they form unsuitable.For example, in the sentence "This year, patching allocated more than twenty thousand rubles," the author's neologism "patching" means "repair holes" that can not be understood without the context.

archaisms - the words came out of items.With their use also need to be careful.Some inserted into text, which requires the use of a neutral language, and not outdated."Now the school is held Saturday" - it is the case that it would be better to say "now" to make the text more logical style.

Foreign words

Examples speech errors often occur because of incorrect use of the words that came to our country from abroad.Many people manage to throw beautiful phrases such origin, even before the end of understanding their meaning and sematicheskie shades.

«My procurement plan is limited due to the fact that I do not earn much."This is the case when it was necessary to use a simpler wording similar to the phrase "is slower."

problems with the vocabulary

Speech errors in the literature, examples of which can be found in many books, often related to the wrong choice of vocabulary.It may not be entirely suitable for the particular text dialect, colloquialisms, slang and idioms.Choosing words from these groups, you need to ensure that, as far as they fit harmoniously into the overall context.You also need to adhere to in the story of a certain style of presentation.If you want to say, "I met a neighbor at the door," do not call her "shaberkoy" (dialectical).

In the sentence "I bought a lean TV" better instead to use the vernacular neutral word "thin" or "bad" depending on what you put into the meaning of the text.Otherwise, the recipient of your speech may not understand what you're saying.

professional jargon "donut" appropriate drivers in the dialogue, but not in the seller's description of the car interior of the new model: "The chairs and the steering-wheel upholstered in genuine leather."Idiom also cause a lot of difficulties in the correct use: "This man is constantly throws pearls before swine."This expression means "to invent, to lie," but without additional context can be interpreted literally.