The history of the Internet and e-mail

history of development of the Internet from the end of the fifties, when the world is already working the second generation of computers.External international relations major world powers of the USSR and the United States pushed for new research, essential for the protection and transmission of information reliable way.

US Department of Defense has initiated development of the first computer networks, which began the history of the Internet.They actively participated scientists four renowned universities of America.Their computers are connected in 1969 ARPANET - the first computer network.

ARPANET quickly began to be used not only military, but also specialists in various fields of science.The first server appeared in the University of California (Los Angeles), the computer had RAM 24 Kb.The first session took place in October 1969 with the Research Institute at Stanford, who conducted Charley Kline and Bill Duvall.

In 1971 the opportunity to send e-mail, as there was a special program.In the future, the history of the development of e-mail users to push the desire to expand the horizons of communication.

year later ARPANET became international, are connected via telephone cable UK and Norway.In the seventies, the first computer network was used mainly for mail forwarding.

In 1983, the ARPANET was fixed for the term Internet, and the following year there is a system of domain names.

history of development of the Internet continued creation of other networks, which are based on data protocols.A special role is played in this process, Jon Postel, who developed and standardized multiple network protocols: IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, Telnet, FTP, DNS.

In 1984 there Intercollegiate Network NSFNet, including other small network that connected throughout the year about ten thousand computers.

1988 was a year of development of the chat protocol which enables real-time communication.

In the late eighties the history of development of the Internet has regained new names.Tim Berners-Lee, the British scientist who developed the protocol HTTP, HTML, which constituents URI, proposed in 1989 the concept of the World Wide Web (WWW).

In 1990, the first computer network went from the arena of the Internet and the World Wide Web by 1995, it has become a major supplier of information on the Internet.

Currently, the world is inconceivable without the Internet.Find useful information, shopping, business, entertainment - it is difficult to list all possibilities of a global network.

History of e-mail is no less interesting than the history of the Internet.In 1965, Tom Van Vleck and Noel Morris developed the first program MAIL.In the future, to create a modern appearance and functional e-mail endeavored other scientists:

- Ray Tomlinson - special postal progorammy and the introduction of the @ symbol, which is linked with the user name and domain name in the address bar.

- Larry Roberts - a program for creating and sorting the mail list.
- Steve Walker - first mailing

- John Vittal - mailer that allows replying to a received message, transfer letters and sorting mail.

significant event began in 1976, when Queen Elizabeth II first used the e-mail features.

For three decades, email has become immensely popular.Today, it holds a leading position in relation to other methods of transmitting information on the Internet.The software allows you to connect anywhere in the world from any computer, not just send a text message, but other types of files.The e-mail came to such concepts as "emoticons", "spam" and "viruses".