Problems at work?

If your working relationship (with the head, with colleagues) came to resemble the plot of romance and emotions prevail over the understanding of job tasks, their place in the company and the authority is really the time has come to solve this.

Start small: it is necessary to calm down and soothe their emotions.Suitable exercise any of the following, depending on your imagination (at least, as psychologists advised):

1. Make a written request to the offenders.
2. Draw a colorful picture of each of them, can then be used as a target in the game of darts.
3. Collect collage (suitable magazine clippings) on the subject of painful events for you.
4. compile a dictionary of phrases you particularly wounding.
5. Think thermometer his irritation and celebrate it today degrees.

In addressing conflict issues to do the exercises regularly, patiently, in a quiet home.It is advisable to verbalize what you feel.And, of course, you can do whatever you want: to tear paper with portraits into small pieces, put the red rod unsatisfactory marks for bad words in your address, designate any Fancy punishment.It makes sense to practice as long as the internal dialogue with all its emotional heat has not subsided, and plans for revenge would not retreat.Ideally, you'll be able to get rid of questions to which nobody knows the answer: "Why am I honest?" Or "How can she then called her best friend?" Or "Is the director himself does not realize that he is nothing without a wand? ".

When you are emotionally ready, you can begin to exercise, which psychologists call "to go beyond the circle."Its meaning is simple: as long as you varishsya in a situation like in boiling pot, you will not be able to determine what it is preparing - porridge or soup.After all, you are one of the important components of the brew.Once you learn to see what is happening from the side, so you can immediately see a lot of problems not related to you directly.Perhaps the company is in crisis, there is a clear development strategy, management has no control over the situation and who knows what else.This will help you establish the boundaries between their own interests and the interests of others.Thus, you can work with a wider information context and consciously take vital decisions for ourselves.

For this exercise you need to learn how to give yourself and structural questions, there are, the answer to that can be found.For example, in conversations with other people, or to withdraw from the analysis of events and activities of stakeholders.Remember the lessons of literature in school: the analysis of a literary work you were an outside observer, like an expert who, based on the facts described hypothesize about the motives of the characters.And maybe you imagined himself in the role of a hero and trying on his inner world onto itself.Why did he behaved that way?What kind of information he had at the time?What problems does it solve?To strive for?What prevented him to act differently?

solving conflict problems at work, try to do something like: Tell me how it happens when you are standing "outside the circle."Look at the situation as a whole, taking into account the relationship of different characters.And remember that people outside of work have other interests, and they may not be so focused on the war with you.You quickly understand where you really do not have enough information about the company as a whole, about individuals, but where you also interfere with your imagination.And why, in your office work conflicts are resolved inappropriately?Along the way, I have something to clarify in conversations with the staff, with the head.It would be nice to take notes, as if conscious of your collection of information about the causes of what is happening presentation will change.

Sooner or later, you go up to the key issue of why you chose this job and get over the helpless position of "I do not want to leave, but to work so impossible."Either you find appropriate methods to remedy the situation or skontsentrirueshsya on finding a new job.Success in resolving conflicts on the job!

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