List of developing countries.

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Third World countries, or, as they are called, developing territory - a striking confirmation of the economic principle of "80% -20%."Only here is the ratio of the population and gross domestic product to the world.With 80% of the world population, they produce and consume 20% of world GDP.Today the list of developing countries opens China.According to the company Bloomberg (the largest provider of financial information in the world), China's GDP growth over the next four years will be 46%.This expansion will provide the Chinese economy almost world domination.To our chagrin, Russia in the list of Bloomberg ranks 9th.

who fall into this category?

Indicators, which are entered in the State list of developing countries - a growth of GDP, the ratio of public debt to GDP, inflation rate category of "ease of doing business."So, carry on the business of the version in the Russian Federation on 21 points is more difficult than in China.And this despite the fact that the ratio of China is very high.

Nonideal world

So it is - developing countries, a list which is constantly updated?It states in Asia, Africa, Latin America, characterized by agro-commodity economy and rather poorly developed manufacturing industry, rapid population growth, low levels of education.But such a definition would be more appropriate to the pre-perestroika picture bipolar world.Now the list of developing countries includes all countries of the former socialist bloc, South Korea, Russia.The good news is that we are in the top twenty of them.

Heterogeneity list of third world countries

In developing countries today, the list of which offer the most developed countries in Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina) and Asia (South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong), can be broken down into fivegroups.

  1. The first group includes those mentioned above.
  2. The second include state, characterized by a high share of exports of hydrocarbon energy (of, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain).These countries have the highest per capita income (for obvious reasons), a favorable geographical position, strong financial and economic potential.
  3. third group of countries included in the list of developing countries, the biggest.This includes former colonies having an average level of income per capita (for this group of states) that have the same average economic and industrial potential (Tunisia, Colombia, Guatemala).
  4. fourth pillar of the state with a vast territory, huge population with a large investment attractiveness, but low per capita income (Pakistan, Indonesia, India).That last factor hinders the development of these states.
  5. and closes the list of developing countries, the outsiders of the global economy - the state, lagging behind all the macro- and micro-economic indicators (Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Chad, Honduras).Characterized by awkward economic and geographical position, undeveloped industry, the main economic sector - agriculture.