Independence Day of Russian history of the holiday and its features

Today, everyone knows about this date as Independence Day of Russia.The history of the festival began with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise to power of Boris Yeltsin.On this day in all towns and villages of the country are festivals, and all Russians celebrate it, however, in their own way.

Holiday Independence Day of Russia - the most important and significant in our country.It is impossible to think that he came on his own.Many people simply forget about the long history of our country, on her way to the assertion of sovereignty.The independence of Russia - this is the result of hard work, the huge losses suffered by our ancestors.They spared no lives so that we have a future, and therefore it is very important to become for each of us to the Independence Day of Russia.The story is interesting enough and holiday for all Russians it is useful to know it, because it's part of our history.It is a symbol of universal association and the responsibility for the present and future of the motherland.

When celebrated Independence Day in Russia?

Across the country this holiday is celebrated on June 12 because on this day in 1990, the authorities signed a declaration on the sovereignty of the country was the main impetus for the definition of Independence Day, which has gained national importance.It should be noted that on June 12 - it is also a day of popular election of the president.

Independence Day of Russian history holiday

This holiday appeared in Russia recently.It is celebrated throughout the country and has national significance, which gave him Boris Yeltsin - first President of the Russian Federation.Its history, as already mentioned, began with the adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty of Russia, which was signed in 1990, June 12, at the first meeting of people's deputies.This day later began to call the Independence Day.The Government declared the country's sovereignty to every citizen felt confident in its future and had the inalienable right to live in dignity, free development and use of language.

By the way, the first attempt to establish a festival of national importance was a bit awkward and not entirely successful.Surveys conducted among the population at the time, showed that people did not understand, why do we need this day.For very many Independence Day was just another weekend in which they can do their household chores or just relax.Of course, passage and celebrations, but without a large scale.In 1998, in his speech, Boris Yeltsin decided once and for all get rid of such an attitude to Independence Day and offered to do it the Day of Russia.His new name was officially a holiday only in 2002, February 2, at the same time entered into force the new provisions of the Labour Code.

today a symbol of national unity and people's responsibility for their present and future is the Independence Day of Russia.The history of the holiday must be known to every citizen of our country, because this day - a symbol of freedom, goodness and civil peace, which is based on justice and law.