How to Assemble workshop?

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How to build a workshop?Many advanced

leaders (and not only training) once realized that the workshop - a great way to promote your company!And in fact, a small seminar on a topical issue for a short time makes three wonderful things that insanely valued educated professionals to promote: firstly, yours is fixed expert status, secondly, significantly grows the credibility of your company.And thirdly, just at a seminar you can make a sale on a very tidy sum, especially if well-thought-out plan performance.

difficulty seminars usually only one - how to collect a lot of listeners?And do not anyhow any, and those who can then buy your product.That is the subject and the subject of this article.

there as a great way to not just build a workshop and to organize a real buzz from the visitors.I will share with you my many years of experience in collecting seminars.And more than sure that at least part of the recommendations, you will see a very pleasing result.

Therefore let us not pull the cat's tail and proceed directly to the sacraments and tricks collecting any event.

Council 1. Not later.

Most activities disrupted for two reasons.They are called: little and too late.About them in detail in his works of genius, in my view, a philosopher and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.The bottom line is that if you have started to promote your seminar one week before the - you've already failed.

always have to start very advance.3-4 weeks to be just right.

Furthermore, many organizers think that if they place their ads in one or two sources - customers will tumble down to them the crowd, stuck in the doorway.

Sorry to disappoint you, but it's not working.It can load only if the name of the speaker is well known and it is very popular with the general public.And that is not guaranteed.

conclusion.Start collecting the seminar is very advance and distribute a very large amount of information.

Tip 2. Destructive topic

not interesting, not elaborate, namely destructive theme of the seminar.There is a very common misconception that the more difficult is the topic, the more attention it will attract a business audience.Sorry to disappoint, but it is a fatal mistake.One of the most popular seminars for business owners is called "How to create a boom in customers right now."In terms of literacy, of course, it can be criticized for a long time.But this theme brings the desired result.So does it make sense to argue?

To come up with the perfect subject, the first thing you need to find common and very painful problem that worries your clients, and you can decide your product or service.The problem should be sharp and real-life!It is best to conduct interviews.

After groped sore spot, make a topic that clearly will understand that the seminar participants will be able to resolve this issue.

now opened another little secret of the masters of collection activities.His almost no one knows, only a select few gurus of the business.You can use the following chip when not yet know the date of the seminar, to make e-mail to its customers.The newsletter write that plan to spend a chic seminar and want to find out whether interested in the topic (describe in detail its most colorful shades).And to finish, you can "only when typed enough willing and interested in the subject, a workshop will be held.We look forward to your feedback and requests! ".The main thing that a lot of people received the newsletter.Then, the number of applications, you will be able to determine in advance how people will be interested in the topic, and simultaneously will type the backbone of the participants before the appointment date of the event.This is called "aerobatics"!

Tip 3. Super-secret system "3 touchesĀ»

So the theme assigned, the date of the same.Now go directly to the set of participants.We are with you right now Let us examine a magic method, which has a proud name "System 3 touches."

What is its value?It's simple.This method allows you to advertise inexpensively, with a huge advantage.However, there is an important point!You should begin no later than 3 weeks prior to the workshop.

So, we shall understand the steps.

The first thing you need to run in the e-mail of 3 to 5 thousand paper letters.It is not necessary to overstrain himself, it will be easier to order in a specialized company.They will make themselves will dispatch.Even the base recipient you will pick up.

Letters will reach recipients by up to two weeks.During this time, on the same basis of the following work: 2-3 people sit and continuously send faxes from your advertising workshop.And only those who have received faxes, ring up the management team, also consisting of 2-3 people.That is one of the options of this wonderful method.

That is, first the client received a letter from you, then the fax, and then call the manager.

The bottom line is that your message has touched one person at least three times.It's very, very, very important.One of the great revelations that can turn the rest of your life and get rid of the lack of profit - that's what most people mature make an order for 2 or 3 times !!!!!!

But another way to set the workshop using the method 3 touches.

earmark basis of, for example, thousands of recipients.And send them a letter.Two weeks later they receive from you another letter, a continuation of the first.And yet two weeks last letter, a continuation of the first two.It's also a great way to entering into the "3 Touch".

the point is?

It can also be letter-elektronku-call, for example.Or fax elektronku-Up.

irrelevant.I repeat, the problem - relate to one client at least 3 times!

This method is truly magical!It allows not only to dial any workshop, but also to make a grand sale, for example!

So, now you know how to build a workshop.You open all the basic secrets of this complex skill.Take it and use it!