Praise herself

if many women find it difficult to accept a compliment, the pride of their own successes and talk about its merits, it seems quite unworthy deed.They confuse self-promotion, effective way to make a career with boasting and this mistake can cost them dearly.For example, a woman who can easily write a brilliant CV and perfectly holds the interview may sniknut as soon as it will work.And the man who, after the interview was sure that hires a real "ideas generator" may never hear her sound.

«I have often met women who are ashamed to attract attention - says an expert on self-promotion, Robert Russell Robert - President of the New York-based research firm« RRLadin Associates »."For these women," - she continues - is the wrong attitude to business.Nobody will ever know what you're capable of if you yourself can not be said about it.They see self-promotion as a boast, but in reality it is a statement of fact, a kind of report.After all, you report on their work to those who pay you for it. "

bitter truth: the brilliant successes and great talents often go unnoticed.Overworked boss may overlook sitting next to the employee signs of genius.That's why you should take care of herself.If you - your own Deputy Public Relations, then to perform the duties efficiently.

Of course, you can promote yourself in many ways.You can promote yourself properly, and it is possible - it is wrong.Here, for example, are two approaches that can elect a salesman, reporting on his first experience in sales.

«I made a customer the impression that they almost immediately bought the entire set.If the first time I was able to achieve this, imagine what will happen next!I am sure that none of our firm did not hold them better presentation! »

And here's another option:" They bought the whole set, and only half an hour! "In this case the first agent had gone too far.He crossed the line that separates a simple report from unrestrained boasting.

What to do if your work - part of the collective creativity?Robert Russell advises often thank others.For example: "I want to thank Bob for his help in working on my report."You acknowledge others' merits, but give to understand that it is - your job.

Another, important factor, but remember that the history of your victories have suited the audience, and there are improper.Therefore, detail paint all their achievements only to those who need them, such as your boss.Before an audience unfamiliar do not need.First ask yourself, 'What do I want - cause envy or a career? ".

Successful business people often asked, thanks to which they endure, were submitted in writing.They collect and store letters of thanks from the boss or client, notes from local newspapers - anything that gets in their hands.

But what if you have not written to you?Make them, ask for written praise.Let your wall newspaper or factory newspaper print something about your progress - you received a scholarship, a diploma in evening institute, thanks for success in sales.

In addition, it is important that your boss know about your little daily achievements.It also helps a written document, but simpler.For example, to prepare a note on the work which you are doing now, saying what stage it is and list what you want to do in the near future.You can add the estimated date of completion of the work.

Another way is to send the chief of your important emails that you write.And look for the opportunity in the most favorable light to show their strengths - organizational skills, ideas, clarity of thought.

operate at full capacity - is the best thing you can do for your company.What do byty not taken, it should positively affect the entire company.If you can bring the benefit the company's reputation, you will occupy a corner in memory of his superiors as a man, which should be valued.

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