Why is he not a prince on a white horse?

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All little girls reading fairy tales."Cinderella," "Beauty and the Beast," "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," "The Little Mermaid" - the list goes on.

Beautiful fairy tale with a happy ending where the beautiful heroine marries a handsome prince at least.About what happens after marriage, in fairy tales tactfully silent.It is assumed that girls know it's no good.And for good reason.

image of Prince Charming is firmly grounded in the minds of the girls and the impact it has on lifelong learning. Gradually the girl turns into a girl and begins to realize that it is actually not a princess.Yes, it is not without merit, but there are shortcomings.A Princess generally ideal.But this girl is still ready to somehow come to terms.But her young man should certainly be five minutes to the Prince.And nothing else!

However, life dictates its own terms, in real life she meets ordinary guys. And why none of them rides on a white horse?Where is he, her one and only?At some point (in all it's different) girl desperate to fall in love.But not an ordinary mortal.Namely, in the Prince!

And on her life's journey, he meets. In one form of his heart starts to beat faster, and all reasonable thoughts somewhere evaporate.She only sees him, and everything else for it ceases to exist at the moment.It is love - it repeats itself!A real love!He is my prince.Oh, how long I've been waiting for!

Stop.Now take a break and try to think logically. is often at the stage of candy buketnogo period girl blinded their sense, not in a position to objectively evaluate the identity of the young man.But we know that he is not a prince, but an ordinary man of flesh and blood.He, of course, there are lots of advantages, but also disadvantages too.

young girl, wanting to prove to herself and others that she has finally met the love of his life, begins to "try on" the image of the prince on his partner. And he sees?And she sees that this image comes to her the young man with the big stretch.However, it is not confused!In my mind the girl pretty quickly gives the young man the qualities that he never possessed.Thus, it is at their discretion adjust the character and habits of the young person so that they comply with its idea of ​​the perfect man.

Simply put, all his dignity squared or in a cube, and any deficiencies are not noticed, or downplayed to the point that they begin it moved by it.She could smile to tell about what it cute unassembled and non-self.And how much he needs her help and support.However, she is convinced that in time he will surely learn to be more focused, more responsible, abandon some bad habits, etc.etc.And she will always help him, and tell tell.Of course, he will change, she is no doubt it is not!

girl falls in love sincerely.But not a real person. She falls in love with an image that very well himself and created.For a while, everything will be in order.Flowers, Dating, declarations of love.And now it sounds a march by Mendelssohn.Young happy man.He married a beautiful, sweet and charming girl.And how much she loved him!And, of course, and now always will be!

Passes honeymoon.And after it begins life and prose of life. And then, like in the fairy tale - the coach turns into a pumpkin, and replace ballroom luster and shine eyes spouses presents the real picture of everyday life.And this picture somehow does not fit into the fabulous saga of the family idyll, where life together is sure to be described with just one phrase.But what!"And they lived happily to a ripe old age."

girl begins to wonder why her family is not the "happily ever after"? Meanwhile, the biggest mistake women is her hope that her husband will change after the wedding.A similar error, but quite the contrary, allow men - they are confident that their woman will always remain the same as in the early stage of dating.

very hurt when breaking "rose-colored glasses» , through which she used to look at her now husband.Now that they spend a lot of time together, both appear to each other in its true light.

most interesting is that the man on the stage of dating, and even trying to appear before a woman in the most advantageous position, yet not "play-act" and pretend to be who he really is not.That's me to the fact that the shortcomings of men, as a rule, still visible to the naked eye.

Early on in the development of relations can determine its attitude to children, to work for money, etc. Can he take responsibility and seeks to shift it to you?Can they rely on him, or he forgets everything on the go?All these questions find answers is not always easy, but possible.However, for some reason a woman chooses not to seek these answers empirically, but simply invents itself those options that it considers to be most appropriate.

But where is the man?If it was originally irresponsible, and you are moved by it, why so annoying and leads to despair now?But the truth is that he was always so!I did not, and it was.But you do not want to see it, right?After all, like the ideal family and children, so as not worse than others.And what was the result?

But in the end made the mountain and made claims to her husband. Resentment, frustration and lack of understanding of how he managed from a handsome prince turned into a monster?In turn, the husband wonders what happened to you.After all, it is not changed.What was, and remained so.And love you less, he did not.Naturally, he will think that the problem is you, not him.After the change, and very tangible, it occurred to you, and your relationship to him, to her husband ...

Here is a cheerless picture is obtained.This scenario is repeated again and again, changing only the characters ... Is it possible to change something?Deny girls read fairy tales?I do not think it will bring any tangible effect.

But that's what it is necessary to instill a girl - so is the ability and skills to understand people. look at people and see the diversity of their personalities.To see the world not through the cloud of his images and fantasies, and in the light of common sense.

Imposed myth of a possible ideal partner brings a mentality more harm than good. get rid of this myth in adulthood at times difficult.And because a child often need to talk and explain that all people are different, and they certainly have not only advantages but also disadvantages.

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