How to make garden paths with their hands: Recommendations

Appearance infield becomes very attractive due to the well-groomed and neat tracks.They can be used not only to connect the house with the other functional areas of the court, but also to realize the unique landscaping ideas.New track is quite difficult.It is important to think through all the most minor nuances, as they must be durable and strong, beautiful and comfortable.If you're wondering how to make garden paths with their own hands, but now we try to understand this issue.

To begin to think everything through.Due to the existing technology can be implemented any project.Before you make the garden paths, it is necessary to determine the places where they will be placed, the material from which they are made, as well as their width.As best can be considered a width of 80 centimeters, but they can be made wider when it comes to the central avenue.When thinking about how to make garden paths with their own hands, it should be noted that they are the easiest way to make bulk materials - gravel, granite chips, crushed stone.These materials are durable enough, but they spoil the shoes stick to the soles, are spread throughout the site.You can use a more practical option - tiles.Its produce almost any color, it is durable and looks great.When it comes to vibropressed tile, it is worth noting one important advantage of it, such as a good frost, but the disadvantage is its fragility call for transportation.Vibratory casting slabs are presented in a variety of colors and shapes, but they contain more water, which makes them less resistant to cold.Tile thickness should be not less than six centimeters.

talking about how to make garden paths with their own hands, mention may be made of such materials as artificial or natural stone and brick, which is very attractive to look at, but working with it is much more difficult.Such paths can be arranged only in the presence of certain skills and training.You can make a path in the garden of wood, concrete or asphalt.In choosing the material you need to pay attention to its quality.The coating is made of low-grade low-cost material rather quickly lose its attractive appearance and spoil the landscape of the site.The money spent on such a track, will be thrown to the winds.

Made garden paths with their own hands, so that photos often appear on the forums craftsmen, performed by a certain algorithm.To get started you want to mark the contours of future coatings.After that comes the stage of preparatory work.Here it is necessary to get rid of the top layer of soil, and then to prepare the ground.Next, pour the concrete.The next step is a device of the decorative layer.Here the choice depends on the preferences of the owner site.So now you know how to make garden paths with their own hands.Good luck and inspiration!