How to clean the pike from the scales and viscera

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secret of how to clean the pike, few know.Firstly, it is the fishermen themselves.For them it is a usual thing and long familiar.Secondly, it is their wives.They inevitably have to master this difficult art.

main stages of the process

To prepare fish any dish it to start to clean up.This is quite a tedious process consists of several stages:

  1. Primary treatment.The fish must be well rinsed under running water to clean the surface of the existing waste and unpleasant mucus.
  2. Removing scales.This is the most time-consuming part of the process.Carcass must be spread out on the table so that it was the right tail, and head, respectively, on the left.Then with a sharp knife to scrape slowly toward small scales from head to tail.
  3. Using the same knife to separate the tail and dorsal fin.
  4. rip big fish's belly, making a neat incision in the head and gradually moving towards the tail.
  5. Expanding belly, take out all the intestines and remove the thin film that is disposed along the backbone.
  6. cut off the head and once again completely wash the carcass.

to finally deal with how clean the pike, you need to learn the subtleties of each of these stages.

important details

In the complex process of preparing fresh fish for further cooking there are some important points that must be understood to have a complete understanding of how to clean the pike:

1) First we need to remember that for awork will need a lot of water and a very sharp knife.As you know, scales pike is very shallow and in the process of cleaning it is necessary to periodically flush.In addition, the fish itself is covered with natural mucus.Remove it easy.To do this, and it will take a lot of water.

2) scales scraped from the surface is necessary to ensure smooth movements, holding the knife at an angle to a few fish.This will greatly facilitate the work and prevent dis- persion small scales all over the kitchen.

3) Cut the belly should be very careful.It is not necessary to stick a knife deep into the body of the fish.Doing so could damage the gallbladder and spoil the meat.Smooth cut from the head to the anus will suffice.

4) Remove the inside, near the spine can be seen a thin transparent film, under which there are small blood clots.All this is necessary to remove.

completing all of the above, we can assume that the secret of how to clean the pike, mastered completely.

few tips

scales of a fish has a protective function, but totally unfit for human consumption.However, it should be noted that it contains many rare and pretty at the same nutrients.Therefore, if the pike is used exclusively for melting, and it can not be cleaned.This implies two ways of how to properly clean the pike:

1) Scales with the entrails removed before cooking.

2) Scales with the skin and the bones separated from the meat after cooking.This option is used if you are going to cook, such as fish cakes.

There is one golden rule.You need only to remove the scales along with removing the viscera.It is not necessary to separate these two processes, because they are fundamentally related to each other.Sometimes caught fish with a rather thick scales.In this case, the fish need to steam slightly, lowering her briefly in a bowl of boiling water.And, of course, every woman knows how to properly clean the pike, so as not to fill all the space scales.Besides a sharp knife, and still need a regular plastic bag.The cleaning process will take place within it, which will prevent the possibility of spreading the waste.

If you need only meat

Before the processing of fresh fish, it is best to decide in advance that out of it will be cooked.For example, wants to make the pike cutlets.In this case, the entire carcass will need only meat, and you can choose from two variants of already known.Most often, the hostess are the usual way and processed fresh fish.In this case, you have to figure out how to clean the pike cutlets.Here, the usual process is repeated step by step:

  1. fish is rinsed under running water.
  2. Clear scales with a knife or special scraper.To avoid littering pike can be laid in the sink, after closing the drain hole and typing it in a little water.
  3. Following the scales to remove the insides, and then cut the tail and all fins.
  4. Now with this gutted fish should be carefully remove fillets using a special knife.A small bones that are left in the pulp can be removed by conventional tweezers.

Now it becomes clear, how to clean the pike cutlets.It remains only to fish flesh is minced in a meat grinder.The skin is, in principle, you can not shoot.It will be quite noticeable in the total mass.

Cleaning in field conditions

Handle the fish home, of course, convenient.But what about those who decided to do it outdoors?What the fisherman does not want to cook fish soup or fry a couple of pickerels fresh catch?For this purpose it is necessary to prepare.And how clean the pike from the scales on the street without the usual conditions and tools?But fishermen - people accustomed to everything.Any one of them can make it literally 2 minutes.For these purposes in the hiking bag each of them there is always a small device.It can be easily done by hand.You will need a piece of board no longer than 20 centimeters and a pair of metal caps on glass bottles.The board should be cut lengthwise to obtain a preform for the handle.In order not to hurt the hand during operation, it is best to handle and oshlifovat sandpaper.On one side of each other with the help of conventional nails fasten plugs.This simple device is easy to make at home in advance.But at the right time, it can be used to clean even the smallest fish.

simply and quickly

Cutting pike - a long and pretty dirty.But experts have come up with a way to clean the pike quickly and with virtually no waste.You will need: cutting board, knife and fork fillet.Now you need to correctly perform the following steps:

  1. washed the fish put on the board.
  2. Cut middle fin and behind the front to make the cut in the side of the head.
  3. Reaching the ridge, deploy knife and then cut along the ridge down to the tail.It turns out, exactly half of the carcass.Then, turn the second half and do it the same.
  4. Each halves separated ribs, neatly cutting off their fillet knife.The fish at this time can hold the plug.
  5. Now turn each half to separate the skin with scales.To do this you need to put a piece of fish on board, skin side down and carefully make a cut with a knife, slowly moving it along the table.

The result is two pieces of flesh of pike flesh.A fish is brushed without dirt and without scales.

If you need to fry fish

to fry fish, it is necessary to prepare beforehand.No one will put the carcass in the pan completely with scales and entrails.Fish in any case should be preliminarily brought into the state of the semifinished product.Make this job can be different.Here it is necessary to know how to clean the pike fry, depending on the method of its preparation.For example, to make the fish in batter need fillets.It can be obtained using the method described above, and do not bother myself cleaning the scales.It is much reduce the time that should be spent on a breaker pike.Work is carried out quickly and, most importantly, clean.If you want to fry the fish in the usual way, it will have to deal first with scales, remove all unnecessary, divide the cooked carcass into portions pieces, and then proceed to the main process.In any case, the choice is always the mistress, because that depends on it, how good and tasty dish is cooked.