Removing the pre-wedding stress?

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Despite all the hype and stress, you need time to relax and enjoy the days that remained before the wedding.This is a special occasion in life, so you certainly do not want to be an emotional wreck or physically exhausted at the most crucial day.

Unfortunately, no matter how carefully you plan your wedding and how much time you spent on its preparation (and it could be a few weeks and months), no matter how carefully you do not belong to detail, something could gonot according to plan.Feelings and fears can thoroughly spoil the nerves and the appearance.But you must do everything so that your wedding has remained in the memory of the most beautiful day in your life.

- Talk to your loved one, if you feel overwhelmed, fear of losing freedom or break the love of family life, fear of responsibility.

Do not be afraid to discuss your concerns and fears, they are natural.Try to build a relationship in the future, where there is not only love, but also respect.Stretch your honeymoon of a lifetime.Only your desire to make happy yourself and your half depends on your further happy life.But now you are not alone with your loved one!

- Before the start of the race wedding ask for help.

Hire a professional agency of the celebrations, he takes care of all the details in preparation for the wedding, or at least ask a close friend or relative to help you.Taking help you save up your nerves which are worth more than money.Wedding - it is two.The groom should also participate in the preparation of the celebration.But do not download it, let him choose his task against the execution of which he will not mind.

And do not forget to pay attention to each other.Do not allow yourself to be so absorbed wedding things to stop doing those things cute and fun and surprises that you did before the decision to get married.Continue to get to know each other.Do not let the romance die.

- In no case do not spend a bachelorette party right before the wedding.

Imagine how you will look like the next day.No no.You have to be irresistible!Spend time with friends for a few days before the wedding.

- Learn to say no.

Remember that this is your life, do not give in to pressure, do not take on more than you can handle.Focus on the things that really matter.Do not waste your time and energy on things that do not matter, plan your day.Generally, it is not just pre-wedding preparations.

- Take some time for yourself, to those activities that are not for the upcoming wedding irrelevant.

no harm if a little disconnected from the wedding plans for a while.Take a relaxing, scented bath, go to the movies or take a relaxing massage.Take a few minutes each day to relax and unwind.

- Before the wedding, go to bed early.

go to sleep at least 8 hours, believe me, the next day will be very long.If you can not sleep, relax the muscles of the face and body, lie down in silence, think about something abstract.

- the morning of the wedding day, even if you have no appetite, try to eat, you need energy.

drink of green tea, juice, eat fruit.Coffee - not the best drink that day.Coffee will make even more heart pounding with excitement.In no case do not drink alcohol.After toasting the whole day ahead.Drunk bride - it's even unnatural.

eaten?Ahead of make-up, manicure and hair.You are beautiful!And today - the most beautiful day in your life!

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