December 4 - Presentation of Mary.

In Orthodox Christianity, there are festivals that are among the main events of the history of Christianity.These twelve days.December 4 - Presentation of Mary - one of them.Learn more about the holiday traditions and to this day it is possible this article.

What is a holiday that can not be done on December 4, and that you can eat?

This day is twelve great Christian holiday.What does the "twelve great"?So-called Christian holidays, is directly related to the Mother of God (Theotokos) and the life of Jesus Christ on earth (master's).In their number and name - Twelve ("vunadesyat" - twelve).This is a great holiday for believers - December 4, Presentation of Mary.What not to do: do hard work, washing, sewing, cleaning and other household chores.And best of this day to lend.You can go to visit or call to her friends.Day 4 December falls on a post Christmas or Filippov, so you can eat fish.

Presentation of Mary on Dec. 4.What is this holiday?

Here the day's events.Mary was only three years old, her parents - Anna and Joachim - decided that it was time to fulfill the promise of God.After all, when still childless Joachim and Anna prayed to the Lord for the child, they promised to devote the child to the service of the King of heaven.On the appointed day, Mary dressed in the most beautiful clothes, gathered all the family.Singing church songs of Mary's parents lit candles and all the relatives went to Jerusalem hram.Tam Vysk and steep steps (there were fifteen) little girl overcome with surprising ease.At the door it met the high priest Zechariah, the future father of John, who baptized Jesus.He blessed Mary, as he did with all those dedicated to God.

As Mary took in the temple

the day when there was a Presentation of Mary, December 4, the high priest was a divine revelation.Zacharias led Mary in the most sacred place of the temple, which was allowed to go only to himself once a year.This again all surprised.Since joining the church, Mary, the only one of all the girls, Zacharias, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to pray is not allowed between the church and the altar, and in the inner altar.Virgin remained in education in the temple, and her parents returned home.It happened Presentation of Mary on Dec. 4 and began a long, earth, its glorious path.

What happened to the Virgin after age?

Mary grew very pious, humble, hard-working and obedient to the Lord.Conducted Mother of God in the temple of time with other virgins in reading the Bible, prayer, fasting and crafts until adulthood.At the time it occurs in the age of fifteen.Holy Mother of God decided to give his whole life to the service of the Heavenly Father.Priests turned to Mary with the council to get married, as all Israelis and Israeli woman were married, as the rabbis taught.But Our Lady said that the Lord gave a vow to remain a virgin forever.It was strange for priests.The high priest Zaccaria found a way out of this situation.Mary was married to her relative, a widower in his old age, the righteous Joseph.Marriage was formal, since Joseph became the guardian of the young virgin Mary, that she fulfilled his vow.

How and when started to celebrate the Presentation of Mary?

A remarkable day for all Christians Church solemnly celebrated since ancient times.Indeed, thanks to the introduction of the Virgin Mary in the Temple stepped on the path of service to the Lord.It became possible to subsequently Incarnation of the Lord God's son, Jesus Christ, and the salvation of all those who believed in his people.Even in the first centuries after the birth of the Savior built a temple in honor of the holiday, under the direction of Queen Helen (who lived from 250 to 330 GG), who was canonized, that is, become a saint.Celebrate taken Presentation of Mary on Dec. 4.The prayer uttered in this day all believers, praises Virgin Mary and asking for the intercession of the Mother of God to the Lord for each prayer.

icons dedicated to the introduction of

Of course, this great event could not be reflected in the iconography.The icons depict the Virgin Mary in the center.On one side of it are the parents of the Virgin, on the other hand depicts the high priest Zacharias meets girl.Also, the icon can be seen the image of the Jerusalem temple and fifteen degrees, most of those that broke the little Maria unaided.

Folk traditions on this day

is noted in the old style on November 21 on the new - 4 December.Presentation of Mary popularly called simply - Introduction, Gates winter or holiday of a young family, or imported.There is a popular saying, referring to the beginning of winter and icy conditions: "the introduction of it - has resulted in the winter";"On Introduction - thick ledenene."On this day, all performed cheerful, noisy and crowded fair, riding in a sleigh with slides and three horses.After a celebratory worship in temples godparents godchildren were treated with sweets, gave gifts, sledge-runners.On the day of peasants moved from the summer of transport (carts) for the winter (sleds).They did a test check, paving sledding.The newlyweds, who played the day before, fall, wedding, dressed sleigh and went on people to, as they say, "show the young."Introduction It is put into the water for the icon broken branches cherries and looked on the eve of the new year, they have blossomed and withered.Twigs with leaves promised good in the new year, and dried - bad.

December 4 - Presentation of Mary.Signs

If snow fell the day before, then waiting for him to thaw.Heard chimes: clear - to frost, deaf - to the snow.Take notice that the snow that hid the ground after the introduction, is not melt until spring.Viewed, frosty the weather that day.It was considered in the case of frost, all the winter holidays are frosty, and vice versa - the heat, so warm winter celebrations are anticipated.If the day was set deep winter, waiting for a good harvest of grain.

Earthly Life of the Virgin, from birth to death is shrouded in mystery and holiness.Her introduction to the temple to dedicate to God, was the starting point for the possibility of human salvation of souls through the birth of God's Mother of Jesus.That is why on December 4 - Presentation of Mary - a great celebration for the faithful, when there was a hope to get a little closer to the Lord.Pure Virgin Mary tied by an invisible thread of people and the abode of the Heavenly Father.She now helps all who need prayers.Virgin is a defender of children and their compassion knows no bounds.It is impossible to imagine a more saints in Christianity.Pray that she will hear and help.