"Thank you from the Savings Bank."

For over a year, as Sberbank of Russia launched a bonus program "Thanks from the Savings Bank," which allows you to accumulate bonus points and exchange them for discounts, products and services from program partners.

Bonus points are awarded for all purchases of goods and services, except for transfers, a number of utilities payments and repayment of loans.The best part for users of the bonus program - is that an increasing number of partners and special offers from them.This is in addition to the standard charge of 0.5% of the amount paid in the form of bonus points, "Thank you."

How to accumulate bonuses

As already mentioned, in addition to bonuses for the Savings Bank of the standard program can participate in the proposed partners.Thus, it is possible to obtain more than 20% bonuses, "Thank you."Bonus "Thank you from the Savings Bank" - a nice gift for anyone who often paying bank cards.Making the usual shopping, you not only use all the benefits and privileges of the Savings Bank card payment system, but also get a bonus for buying.Who does not like to receive gifts?So, Sberbank gives them every day to each cardholder bank.And join the program is very simple.Simply sign up for the program via SMS, via an ATM or terminal.Moreover, the first three months of special conditions to accrue bonus points, "Thank you."

¬ęThank Sberbank": how to spend?

have actively using to pay for goods and services by credit card rather quickly accumulate bonus points "Thank you from the Savings Bank."How to spend the most profitable accrued bonuses?Spend bonus points can be partners of the program, including the popular chain stores located throughout Russia.One of these partners - "Euroset"."Thank you from the Savings Bank" - a program which, this popular chain stores successfully supported.Pay in "Euroset" bonus points may have been from the very beginning of the bonus program "Thanks from Sberbank."How to spend it here?It is enough to show the card when paying for the seller and say that you want to fully or partially pay the bonus points.You can pay in this way up to 99% of the value of the goods.It is possible to pay part of the score, and the rest - in cash.Also on the site of the same partner can buy goods in the shop and pay directly on the site scores "Thank you from the Savings Bank."How to spend bonus points on the Internet?Webmoney allows them to pay for purchases in most shops, working with this monetary system.Simply select a payment method - e-money, and then select the bonuses, "Thank you."Many people wonder: "Bonuses" Thank Sberbank "how to spend on communication services?"Unfortunately this is not possible.You can only spend it on goods and only the partners of the program.The list of partners is constantly updated with new interesting proposals, so everyone can choose for themselves the best partner and make a bargain.