Who's a bitch, and how it be?

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word "bitch" is now very popular.For some, it turned out obscenities at the compliment.What does it mean, and who is this bitch?

seductive image

Who is this bitch, which compose odes of glossy magazines and books with bright covers?First of all, attention is drawn to her appearance: this woman can not be ignored.Hair styling, makeup, nails - it looks like she just stepped out of a beauty salon.She never did rastrёpyvaetsya not smeared and did not break.By some peculiar law of nature on her thin pantyhose can not appear the arrow.Bitch expensive dresses, stylish and just the latest fashion.And her flawless figure simply can not flaunt it as a work of art.

this woman behaves with other people?She is very reserved, with her face still enjoy a smug smile with which she tells everyone mucks, because her tongue sharper than a razor, and a pity she had never heard.She knows exactly what she wants and always will achieve his, whatever it at any cost.Using his charm, cunning and sex appeal, bitch gladly manipulates anyone who might be useful to her, and had no qualms talking to their targets on the corpses.And her goal - it's a beautiful life, and the conquest of men's hearts.

learned about bitch

Many women today want to become such.Image of bitches, bright and attractive, possession of their thoughts and leads to special courses, which are held all kinds of trainings.Here they talk in detail about who this bitch, and help to develop it.After the course, as the brochures, they transformed listener.It will gain independence, self-confidence and stunning beauty, but also learn how to attract and retain men.Everything will respect and be afraid of her, and she becomes the mistress of her life, the queen and goddess.

unlikely that such training is required of the present queen.And the help of stylists, psychologists and other experts invited to self-doubt, zatyukali, ugly (or consider themselves), an unhappy, lonely or confused in their relations with women around.Help really needed it.But is it necessary?

bitch: definition from the dictionary

you think that bitch - it sounds good?According to the Dictionary of Russian language, the word "bitch" - is not only unscrupulous and brazen woman, but also called carrion or rotting corpse of an animal.

happy personal life?

Who is this bitch?This is a modern femme fatale that causes admiration and envy, seduces and breaks hearts.It seems that she is absolutely happy, happy, perfect.But who knows what lies behind her constant Hollywood smile.Is it satisfied with his role as Cavalier another ATM and errand boy?Will she marry him or decides that he is not good enough for her, as well as dozens of other rejected her fans?She knew if she ever true feelings for each other?