How to get rid of hair in intimate places?

Every body has an impressive amount of hair, but they are growing in those areas in which they seemingly should not.I would like as quickly as possible to remove them.How to get rid of hair in intimate places?Here are some useful tips and tricks.

Helpful Hint

private parts are very tender and susceptible to irritation, so it is too aggressive and traumatic methods of hair removal should not be used.To find out how to get rid of hair in intimate places better and safer likely to be one or the other hair removal method to try first on a small patch of hair distribution area.

How to get rid of hair in intimate places: possible ways

1. First, the most famous and, as practice shows, a popular way - is shaving.Yes, it is virtually painless and relatively easy, but this method has certain disadvantages.First, after shaving the hairs become darker and hard, and begin to grow rapidly (so the removal of hair on the upper lip in a way not recommended), so that the procedure will have to be repeated frequently.Secondly, there is a risk of cuts and irritation.

2. How to get rid of hair in the bikini area?You can delete them epilator.But it's very painful, so just pull out the hairs with its root.In addition, often when using this method of causing severe redness.

3. Special funds (mostly creams) to get rid of hair.They are applied to the bikini area, and after a while the hair is removed by special spatula, which is available in a package with the tool.It is important to find a special cream just for sensitive sites, as well as to test for sensitivity (to test the vehicle on a small area of ​​skin and observe the reaction).

4. If it is interesting to find out how to get rid of hair in intimate places yet, you can try to apply the wax.It is heated, applied to the skin and then after curing removed together with the unwanted hair.

5. Shugaring.This method is similar in principle to the previous one, but the hair is removed using sugar paste.

6. Electrolysis.This method involves the use of pulses of electric current, which penetrates the skin with needles.The procedure is painful, so it is almost always assumed local anesthesia.After the removal of a thin crust, which disappears after a week or two.

7. IPL - Removal by light and heat.The procedure can be painful, but not too much, and on-site effects may occur redness (they will pass in a few days).For the final disposal of hair requires several sessions (6 to 10).Light-skinned and red-haired girls this method is not suitable.

8. Laser hair removal - removal through laser that destroys the hair follicle.This procedure is almost painless, the results will be seen only after a few days and the skin becomes smooth after a few sessions.The most effective method for this is if the skin is not dark, and dark hair.