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Residence in Russia, as an institution, has long been abolished by law.But residence registration still is binding.Without it, it is practically impossible to get a job, take a notary transaction, for example, to sell or buy a car, apartment.Health insurance also will not be able to receive.

Constitutional Court in its decision of 02.02.98 was confirmed that the nature of the register can not be permissive, and should not limit the freedoms and rights of citizens.Including the right of free movement within the country and choose their place of permanent or temporary residence.

However, in this respect there is still a legal controversy because of late registration registration penalties within 1500-2500 rubles.

To residence registration has been successfully issued, in the presence of the passport is required to stamp the end of detection, confirming a statement from the previous place of residence.At the same time on his hands citizen is issued as a piece of departure.

Under the law, a citizen is obliged to receiving these documents in the next 7 working days to appeal to the responsible officials to design a new registration.

If you are the owner of the property, in addition to a passport and a piece of departure, is necessary to have:

  • standard application form;
  • documents confirming your right to housing;
  • form of statistical accounting;
  • receipt indicating payment fee.

order has been issued to residence registration in another apartment or with relatives, the preparation of documents required the personal presence of all adult family members and their consent.

If your family was a happy event - the birth of a baby, do not forget that it will require clearance policy CHI maternity capital, staged at all in preschool.Therefore, registration of residence also need baby.

If you want to get registered through the Internet, it is enough to send to the Federal Migration Service at the place of residence of the desired application, a scanned copy of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, leaf departure (if any), scanned copies of title documents for a house in which you want to live.

All of the documents sent in electronic format will be adopted and transmitted to the corresponding to the desired place of residence FMS for consideration.

If the submitted documents are found inaccuracies or errors, they come back and be sure to explain the reasons.In case of a positive decision will be notified of the time a citizen voter registration for further processing.

If the premises in which registration is expected, does not belong to you, then you need the presence of the owner of property to all documents, as well as when you make registration in the general order.

Join the community via the Internet, as a rule, it takes place not later than 3 working days from the date of receipt of the documents in FMS.

persons subject to military registration, will be given a notice to appear before the draft board.

In Russia there is not only the residence registration, the law also introduces the concept of place of residence, ietemporary accommodation.

residence registration is made, even if the citizen is a permanent record in the community.This is mandatory in the case of arrival in the border zone, a zone of ecological disaster, a closed military town and even in some cases provided by law.

Temporary registration shall be executed in a period of 90 days from the date of arrival of the citizen and for no longer than 5 years (in agreement with the owner of the property).