Turks in Germany - a time bomb?

Experts from the University of Munich recently conducted a number of studies, the results of which have come to the conclusion that the Turks in Germany are a time bomb.

At the moment, the number of Islamists in the country more than 4 million people.Now Germany is home to about 3 million immigrants from Turkey, with 2.5 million of them have German citizenship.It is important to note that most of the population does not want to integrate into German society.Migration to Germany began in the 1960s.At the time, it acted a special state program to attract labor from abroad in engineering and coal industry.But now many of them are so much obsessed with their national identity that simply refuse to accept German society.

Turks in Germany.Employment

According to experts, only a few people from Turkey today formally employed (about 20%).Others live solely on funds from the state, that is, for various social benefits.Almost 70% of all migrants are not the most usual certificate of school education.It's not that Germany against migrants, but they are simply looking for an easy life, earn and enjoy benefits illegally.

social legislation in Germany is very practical arranged for the Turks.So, every unemployed citizen receives a special allowance equal to as much as 482 euros per month.In addition, if there are non-working children under 18 years, for each child, he will receive another 200 euros.Officially unemployed Turks in Germany are entitled to compensation of various payments, including rent, health insurance, utilities, etc.


Turks in Germany have learned to enjoy their rights to the maximum benefit.For example, the fair sex can be almost any time to leave the country to his own country, but from there return to the main residence has a child.Birth certificate in Turkey can be purchased at every step for just $ 10.On the border lady explained that during his stay at home, she became a mother.Upon arrival in Germany, it will issue a child, and later on it will receive about 200 euros a month, as it was already mentioned above.

Currently Muslims in Germany quite deftly while sitting comfortably, living on welfare.Many students at the school to the question of who they want to become in the future, is very simple answer: "Social dependent!".Indeed, experience shows that the problem today is very much concerned about the German public.If it goes on like this, soon the indigenous population in Germany will be practically no, and the country will become a new Turkey.

And from a financial point of view, this situation is simply disastrous for the budget.That is why the authorities think about everything going on and try to take serious measures.