Install surveillance and access control systems Surveillance

Install video surveillance is now wants a huge number of companies, from the office of 3x3 meters and to the production, the area of ​​which is measured in tens of thousands of square meters.I do not evaded the question and the private sector.What could be easier and better for the safety of property than the non-stop monitoring and recording everything that happens in the room with the ability to view, in real time, and afterwards?

about legal issues.If you decide to install video surveillance, then you should consider the following.If this is the room where people have access to foreign (non-employees), then you must notify them that conducted video shooting.This can be done by hanging prominently at the entrance and information boards.And while it does not matter whether the huge installed "all-seeing eye" on the ceiling, scattering petty thieves or video camera is disguised as a nail in the wall.His task completed, we inform.

If this is the room for the employees, it is sufficient, interpretation of information, but it is better to err and to this article in the contract or to collect signatures from all employees that they are informed about the constant surveillance.

Finally, the most important advantage.Which, if necessary, is able to outshine all other cons.This is something that no one knows exactly where the camera is installed and if it is set at all.It is always interesting to see what they do in the absence of the head of the staff, how they behave.And anyway, maybe they go home.Learn who enters your office and making it.You can find out who is engaged in "petty sabotage", namely pulling stationery or products from general home refrigerator, making minor mischief colleagues stain the floor and furniture, etc.After all, this is reflected in the internal climate of the collective, and this has a direct impact on productivity.If it is known that the camera is there, but no one knows where.This creates a kind of tension, uncertainty and suspicion.And also, there is no possibility for the time deliberately shut necessary for the realization of their criminal intent.

Further, without the written consent of the citizen was captured on video, it is forbidden to publish or transmit data to other persons and videos.The exceptions are law enforcement officers.This question is worth special attention.Often officers control spread to various video servers in their view funny or interesting video work.For example, like a drunk customer trying to buy vodka.Or as the man in the waiting room studying the form of the Secretary.Examples are thousands.Of course, before the trial comes not a lot to do, but why create unnecessary problems.After all, to protect themselves from this is simple enough, you must remove the recovery record and the ability to copy data from the server, that is to develop and install an access control system surveillance.By installing, so access to the archives of records, downloading and copying of information only themselves personally tested and selected employees.

Access control systems CCTV - a specific control system, which has its own peculiarities.

Install CCTV can be an apartment or house, even here does not make sense to describe the features, benefits, as they say, there is!