Golovinskoye cemetery in Moscow: History and Today

Golovinskoye cemetery is located in the north-west of Moscow.It is not among the most prestigious and ancient cemeteries of the capital, however, despite this, and here are some famous people are buried.When and how did this cemetery and whether it is possible to bury here today?


south of the modern district of Khimki Hovrino once was a village Golovin.References to it are found in the official sources from the middle of the XV century, while the land belonged to Boyar IV Khovrin-Head.Its modern name Golovinskoye cemetery received in 1951 the name of the village.In the same year he conducted the official archive graves.However, in 1960 the necropolis goes to the Office of SUE "ritual" and is officially ranked among the cemeteries of Moscow.On the territory of the temple is located, it is organized in a building originally built as a ritual hall.Church acts, it held a funeral service for the dead and services on major holidays.Temple on the Golovin cemetery was consecrated in honor of the Holy Martyr Tsar Nicholas II and all the New Martyrs and Confessors Russian.

Necropolis today

Today Golovinskoye cemetery in Moscow well maintained and landscaped.

Central alley framed by tall pine trees, in the summer period in the flower beds planted seasonal flowers.All tracks are repaired and cleaned in a timely manner all year round from mud and snow.At the entrance to set an information stand, which allows to easily and quickly find the land and concrete grave.The cemetery is protected when it has several ritual agency, which offers a variety of design elements for decoration of the burial.The total area of ​​the necropolis today - about 15 hectares.

Bury whether Golovinskiy cemetery today?

exact address of the Necropolis: City of Moscow, Golovinskoye highway 13. By public transport you can reach the metro station "Water Stadium" on the bus 123. The area opens at 9.00 in the summer visits are possible to 19.00, and in the winter - to 17.00 daily.Burials are made from 9.00 am year round.Today, in the territories of the necropolis are available in limited quantities.The following types of burials: kinship, family (clan) and urns with ashes into the ground.Each case is considered individually, to clarify the procedure for granting a place in the cemetery and learn about the preparation for the funeral, please contact the administration of the necropolis.Useful information for visitors - in the cemetery runs the technical point at which you can rent equipment for the care of the graves, there is room for a set of water.

buried here ...

historical and artistic value is the decoration of a cemetery not.It is relatively young, there is lush shaped tombstones, stood for more than one hundred years.Yet Golovinskoye cemetery became the last refuge for many outstanding and very famous people.On the territory of the necropolis is a military burial (station number 24), and Heroes of the Soviet Union are buried: PA Grazhdankin, AI Markov and NA Evstafiev.Many graves here and artists, the best known among them singers Vladimir Nechayev and Bunchikov Vladimir, writers Alexander Beck and Beck Alfredovich Tatiana actress Elena A. Fadeev, director Dorman Veniamin Davidovich.Other known our compatriots buried in the cemetery: Eugene Babich Makarovich - hockey player, Pokhlebkin William V. - an outstanding scientist, Fedorov Vladimir G. - weapons designer.Today, the necropolis is in excellent condition and is a worthy place for the funeral.Due to its favorable location and flexible work schedule Golovinskoye convenient to visit the cemetery.