"The Rock" Lermontov.

life and work of the great Russian poet and writer Lermontov seem bright flash of lightning on a dark sky.This talented man did not live up to 30 years, but still managed to leave behind a great legacy of works impregnated with meaning, love of country, nature and people.The poem "The Rock" Lermontov wrote in 1841, a few weeks before his death.Though many bibliographers believe that the poet knew about the end of his mortal existence on earth, in this work there is no hint goodbye or something like that.

Verse "Utes" Lermontov wrote, being in awe of the surrounding landscape.His inner world is perceived in a special nature, so treat it as a living being.Though work and steeped in romance, it is not a happy one.Just two small quatrains Mikhail was able to convey the deep meaning of life.

Most literary critics agree that when writing the poem "The Rock" Lermontov wanted to combine the spiritual with the material, compared with one another deity, the unearthly beauty of clouds and ordinary, mundane nature of the stone.People often forget about his soul, focusing on the body.The author would like to remind that to achieve harmony and be happy, you can, but only by combining these two elements.

Some scholars poet's little differently interpret the meaning of the poem.They believe that writing "The Rock", Lermontov wanted to portray the fate of two dissimilar people.Cloud can symbolize a young beauty, full of vitality and happiness.In turn, a rock - this is a middle-aged, wise man life experience.Looking at windy stranger, which is suitable to the fathers, he clearly knows that his time is over, happy days are in the past.The man in the company of a good girl, she brightens up his gray days, but when she goes to her friends and girlfriends, but he clearly feels the futility and loneliness, knowing that he has no place in the world of young people.The soul without the body may be, it is a very happy, coming back to the other world, but the shell of the Earth without it can not do, she suffers and cries.A striking contrast between the material and spiritual worlds created Lermontov."The Rock" - a poem containing a deep hidden meaning.Weightless cloud shows, fun and cheerful, but the precipitous cliff reader sees an old, unhappy, tired of life.

Lermontov's poem "The Rock" to a certain extent can be called autobiographical.Of course, the poet was literally an old man, but even among his peers, he felt like a stranger.Mikhail matured very early, his vision and wisdom it evince wise man life experience.He was tired of his own, from the surrounding darkness.Lermontov could not be happy, so he could only put up with misunderstanding and condemn himself to solitude.