I want broad back!

Young people today prefer to go to the gym;they are attracted to the desire to possess athletic manly figure.But what makes the figure of courageous?Of course, this broad shoulders and broad back.You can pull the upper unit on the latissimus dorsi, and can be practiced on the bar.But learning how to catch up on the bar from scratch?

What muscle is working on a horizontal bar

As already mentioned, the latissimus dorsi - the main group, which is involved in the bar.Auxiliary muscles - triceps, biceps, chest.In general, the horizontal bar has an impact on the entire torso, the spine and posture.

How to start to catch up on the bar: the first steps

Many people are afraid to even come to the horizontal bar.But no one puts a record for the first time.If you have to catch up on the bar from the ground up, just start it hang.This allows especially to increase the grip force.Our fingers and wrists are too weak, and often we can not catch up because that is simply not able to hold onto the crossbar.Try to hang on the bar must be as long as possible, each time increasing the duration.

strengthen the latissimus

should regularly perform a vertical thrust, which simulates pulling on the bar.Before you learn how to catch up on the bar from scratch, you should do the exercises at the thickening of the muscles of the back - thrust dumbbells in the slope.

negative exercise

Negative pull allow to feel the muscles work in pulling back.To run on a support stand, grasp the bar.It is necessary to remove the legs with support, left hanging in front of the face horizontal bar.Under its own weight start to go down, the most straining lats.Therefore, you should train back at least one or two months.Then you can start normal exercise.Now you know how to learn to catch up on the bar from scratch.It requires serious preparation.

Methods of increasing the number of pull-ups

a result of training the muscles involved in the pull-ups, significantly strengthened.You can proceed directly to the pull-ups.Exercise is done without jerk, quietly.The first few times you can perform pull-up from the bottom with the point of support, and use a variety of extras: straps, shock absorbers.

Once you learn to catch up on their own with full amplitude of at least 1-2 times, start to engage in the following manner.Within a month, every day, pull up on the bar 1-2 times ten approaches for the whole day.In parallel, during the training needed to perform the back: top link, deadlift, dumbbell.

Now that we know how to learn to catch up on the bar from the ground, we do not get is a broad manly back.Most importantly - do not miss classes and hope to record results for the first time.Many, unable to catch up even once, throw the horizontal bar, disappointed in himself and the sport.Hard work, systematic studies and a great desire to help overcome the weakness of his own body, and make friends with the strong horizontal bar.