The Great Lakes of the world: Top 10

In our view of the lake - is a small size, a beautiful, beautiful place to relax, swimming, fishing.Those who are used to the usual small ponds, it is difficult to imagine that it can be so huge that the horizon is not visible!The Great Lakes of the world worthy of admiration!What are they and where are they?

tenth place

In tenth place is a huge lake called Nyasa.It is at the same time in several African countries: Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania.It occupies a large area - 31.1 thousand sq. Km.Its maximum depth - 706 meters!At this point, in the northern Niassa, the bottom far below sea level.Beautiful nature, steep rocky shores and clear waters are admirable.Part of the lake is located in a rocky basin wide.The lake is rich in fish (240 species), here we found shelter crocodiles, hippos and waterfowl.Scientists call Niassa home to colorful aquarium fish.But the lake and not so quietly, severe storms and surf often impede navigation.

ninth place

long been famous for its beauty the great lakes of Canada!Big Bear Lake is the largest in the country and the fourth largest in North America.It is located on the Arctic Circle, at 185 meters above sea level.There is practically no settlements.The only place where people live - the south-western part of the lake called Deline.

eighth place

Baikal - the lake, which is known for its beauty.It is not only the largest in the category of "Great Lakes of the world", but also the deepest!Is it a small sea in the south of Eastern Siberia.It is the largest reservoir of fresh water.The unique flora and fauna amazes all who had the privilege to visit here.In cold weather, the lake is completely frozen, and only in the summer here is navigable.The shape resembles a crescent Baikal.Its width varies from 23 to 81 km.

seventh place

Great Lakes peace admirable.And on the seventh place is a lake Olkhon.It occupies a huge area of ​​31,692 square comparison - this is the approximate area of ​​countries such as Denmark, Belgium or the Netherlands.On all sides the lake surrounding mountain ranges.Nature here is simply magic!

sixth place

in Central Africa is a beautiful huge lake Tanganyika.It is not only one of the largest, but also one of the oldest.At the same time the lake is located in such countries as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Tanzania and Zambia.Lake Tanganyika length of about 649 km and a width of about 45-81 km away at an altitude of 774 meters above sea level in the zone of tectonic faults.It is home to hippos, crocodiles and birds.Development of navigation and fishing.The water temperature varies depending on the climate and the depth (25-30 degrees).Since the flow is absent in the lower layers of the lake temperature barely reaches 6 degrees!

fifth place

Great Lakes - is a miracle of nature.One of these signs is the Aral Sea, which occupies the fifth position.Since the end of the twentieth century, the water level is constantly decreasing, but it is still considered one of the huge lakes of the world!Unfortunately, due to the fact that biological weapons are tested, the lake has become deserted.Besides wind brings here to the various fields of pesticides and chemicals.Saving the Aral Sea has, unfortunately, not possible ...

fourth place

Lake Michigan is one of the largest lakes in the world.It is fully located in the United States and is connected to several rivers.Its area is about 57,753 sq km. Length of Lake Michigan - 500 km, width - 191 km.Just imagine its size!On its shores are located cities such as Chicago, Michigan, Evanston, Milwaukee, Gary, Green Bay and Hammond.

third place

Lake Huron is located in the US and Canada, and is famous for its beauty, flora and fauna.Most often hydrologists combine lakes Michigan and Huron together, but it's a moot point.Its area is 60 thousand sq. Km.

second place

In second place is Lake Superior - the coolest, biggest and deepest of all the lakes in the world.The origin of the lakes - glacial.Here rocky shores, insanely beautiful flora and fauna - a lot of fish and animals, a variety of plants.

first place

the first place in the category "Great lakes of the world" - the Caspian Sea.Despite the fact that it is often called the sea, in fact it's just a huge lake.The length of coastline - 6700 km, and if you take into account island - 7 000 km.The largest lake in the world - the Caspian - a sea in the middle of the continent!