Beauty eyes of men and women: Feel the difference!

Psychologists have shown that women and men can "see" the beauty of women in different ways.

What are our standards of beauty, whether it is possible for them to carry modern fashion models and photo models?Interesting data recently published a psychology professor at the University of Texas D. Sting.

She spent many years of various sociological survey of men aged 18 to 86 years.It turns out that in the view of all men, even the most uncivilized peoples, the corresponding ideal of beauty can be considered a woman of almost any weight, height and volume of the breast as long as the ratio of waist and hips, they had about 0.7.

Venus de Milo, the beauty of Rubens, Princess Diana, Barbie doll, despite its apparent dissimilarity and different sizes, fully correspond to this proportion.Among the fashion models and actresses are very few women.The closest to these parameters proved to be ... Naomi Campbell 58/81 = 0.71

Many women simply mistaken about what men like.

Judging by the numerous tests and surveys, most women believe that men like absolutely everything extremely long-haired blue-eyed blonde with big breasts and long legs.Oh, and the personification of male desire is alleged type of Pamela Anderson.However, conducted in Europe and the United States survey found that a significant percentage of men do not averse to have Pamela Anderson ... mistress.And only a very nezanchitelny - wife.

According to numerous questionnaires, from the female point of view, a woman man's dream is:

- Weight: 53 kg
- Height: 170 cm
- large bust, skinny strong figure
- small firm buttocks
- slim hips
- smooth skin without wrinkles
- blue eyes
- long blond hair
- red sensual lips
- long, lacquered nails
- black lingerie
- mini skirt and high-heeled shoes

from the male point of view:

- weight 57 kg
- Height: 163 cm
- bust mean value
- slim but not angular figure
- firm, rounded buttocks
- normal hip
- natural skin without foundation
- eye and hair color valuesnot allowed (except frankly unnatural)
- length skirt average or slightly shorter
- no lipstick
- groomed short nails without nail polish causing color
- white lace underwear
- shoes with heels, but not on the platform
- hairstyle without varnishHair

As they say, feel the difference!

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