Lakshmi Mantra - ritual granting prosperity, wealth and happiness

Material prosperity and stability - essential realities of our lives.Poverty is not only fashionable - it is fraught with many challenges.Comfortable and cozy accommodation, beautiful, fashionable clothing, high-quality cosmetics and perfumes, useful and environmentally friendly food, a decent holiday, professional medical care - this is not an exhaustive list of what we can afford, just having a considerable amount of money in bank accounts.And if people can not provide themselves and their families need, his whole existence is transformed into a continuous problem.


people at different times every effort to protect itself from ruin, strengthen their material status.From the darkness of the centuries have come to us magic rituals and incantations, prayers and talismans - for luck, money and love spell on others.

By the same magic tool may include reading or chanting of mantras - Eastern spells.They came to us from Buddhism and are fairly widespread spiritual practice.And yet there are talismans of wealth feng shui, Japanese characters-characters, affirmations, "Dreamboard" and many other ways to tell Capricious fate-that you need money, you want to get rich and we intend to succeed.By the way, your own willpower plays a decisive role here.It indicates the higher powers of the universe that you are committed, ready to roll up our sleeves and go to the goal stubbornly.And remember that the Bible says?Yes, "knock, and ye shall find", "everyone will be rewarded according to his faith."That is what would be the patron you choose, if you go ahead and believe in yourself, be sure to get the desired result.And Lakshmi Mantra can help you!

Eastern deity

Sanskrit name means Sri glory, prosperity, happiness, wealth.This is one of the names of the supreme Buddhist goddess.Lakshmi Mantra for and was compiled sometime to bring to people's lives material abundance, fortune and other benefits of being.The goddess of the Hindus embodies grace and beauty, charm and eternal youth.Those who worship her, to whom she favors, will never be in need of anything.Their existence will resemble the chirping of birds of paradise, or the fragrance of the lotus.Therefore, the mantra of Lakshmi is considered one of the strongest Buddhist prayers.After Sri - the wife of another major Indian deity Vishnu.

Legends of Lakshmi

Where do Lightbringer (one of the names La) such power and authority?They belong to it by right of birth.According to one legend, the goddess was born from the gilded Lotus - the sacred flower that grows from the navel (center of life) of Narayana.That lotus is associated with Sri, it is its main symbol and the same attribute.Therefore, it is the goddess Lakshmi, the mantra that should sound at least twelve times to conceive action, and is a generous giver of money and wealth.In addition, some religions of India it is called the patroness of wisdom, art, aesthetics.People Sri is sitting on a gold flower wonderful, because it still called "lotus".

Lakshmi defender

mother the whole universe - so, too, is often referred to in the prayers of the goddess Lakshmi.The mantra in her honor pronounced when the followers of Buddhism want to celebrate all life, to thank for the generous gifts, or ask for help from the great Vishnu.As Mother of Christianity and religion in the eastern Sri considered to be good and generous people for the petitioner to numerous other gods.And the mantra of wealth Lakshmi will also be heard.It is considered to be a loving mother goddess, given to her to hear all the worshipers.And Vishnu never refuses lotus, even if it is a rumor in a word for the last sinner.

miraculous mantra

What is the mantra of the goddess Lakshmi?It is a certain combination of sounds, spoken to the music, in strict accordance with the correct rhythm.A person should relax completely, turn away from all that prevents him to concentrate.It is not enough to repeat the correct sounds - you need to get into the proper tone to feel the cleansing vibrations.In this case, the coveted combination of "ohm Hrim, SRIM, Lakshmi byo, Namaha" really helps to gain wealth and good fortune.And that mantra Lakshmi acted even more necessary to support its reading of the few simple rituals.

order was a success and prosperity

Once uttered the mantra, tie a ribbon on the wrist silver.You can wear a silver bracelet.This is best done at the full moon, as a ghostly light milky planet so similar to the color of silver metal and give your energy!

If something in terms of money is not going well, take a thread made of natural cotton and singing the mantra, tie seven knots.Put the amulet in a pocket or purse and carry yourself.You will soon feel its beneficial effects.

Good luck, prosperity and happiness!