Clay rink: types and applications

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drum compactor belongs to a class of special equipment for repair and construction and road works.The first such machine is designed for stabilization and sealing of ground masses: the foundations of sand, gravel, clay, stone or rock chips.


Main item rink - a drum, which is a large cylinder mounted instead of wheels.Each machine is equipped with two rollers - the master and slave.That is, depending on the design features of the working body and classify soil compactors.

Clay rink: types

1. With smooth rolls (working surface of the cylinder is smooth).It is designed such a machine to seal the loose soil and Asphalt work.

2. With cam rollers: the working surface of the body is covered with truncated pyramidal projections (cams).It is used for leveling and compacting the soil soft and harder on frozen ground.

3. lattice rollers: the cylinder profile - lattice or in the form of cast wheels.It designed a roller compactor for those types of work, except where required to seal crushing large pieces of soil.This technology ensures good compressibility.

4. With rubber-tired rollers.The working body consists of a wheel, spaced.

If roller compactor has several different rolls, it is called combined.More rollers are classified according to the number of rollers in the one-, two- and three-roll.

should also highlight the vibratory compactor roller.In recent years, it is this kind of machinery is widespread.A distinctive feature of this roller is that the working body is vibrating, creating additional load on the subgrade.This allows you to make one pass where a conventional roller compactor should make two or three.In fact, this technology helps several times faster and carry out a road repair and construction work without loss of quality.

There are rollers and dimensions.There are miniature hand-held machine with a length of the working cylinder of only 20-30 cm, but is a powerful self-propelled machinery with superheavy rolls (over 15 tons) and the length of the working body of 1.5 meters.

Clay roller - a special technique, which helps to greatly simplify the process of creating roads, platforms, foundations, parking lots and other facilities.The only thing that can boast this type of machine - it's speed.In modern models it is only 14 km / h, which is quite a lot, if we recall that the majority of rollers can not move faster than 3-5 km / h.

And the last question: how much drum compactor?The price can vary greatly, depending on the type of machine performance and brand products.The price range - from 1600 thousand. Rub.up to 4 million. rubles.If the roller compactor is necessary only for one-time work, you can take the equipment rental.The cost of rent - from 1000 to 15 000 rubles.You can choose the cheaper option, for example, to track soil compaction around the house is suitable asphalt compactor Hand roller (rent - from 800 rubles.).