Voronezh museum "diorama" - the center of military-patriotic education of children and youth

Patriotic education of children and young people - an important component of the educational process.Genuine patriotism is impossible without the knowledge of local history, cultural achievements of the ancestors, the exploits of the officers and soldiers protecting the native country.A significant role in the formation of a sense of patriotism played a museum.To learn more about the military history of the country, to visit the graves, thematic exhibition invites Voronezh.The museum "diorama" brought together under one roof the military-patriotic relics of Russia and Voronezh region.


The building of the museum has several exhibition halls.Exhibition dedicated to the defenders of the city from the Nazis, located in the lobby.The visitors are invited card fighting in Voronezh and the surrounding area.The exhibition "In memory of the fallen," are portraits of ancient times, military commanders, commanders of the Civil War, the Soviet Union marshals.

The main exhibition is located in a large exhibition hall, which occupies the center of the mini-diorama depicting the Battle of Chizhovsky bridgehead.Cloth six-meter wide and two meters long is made on the tenth anniversary of the museum.

Fights to "Chizhovka" began in September 1942.The soldiers, among whom were representatives of the Voronezh People's Militia, recaptured the city from the enemy outnumbered Soviet troops.Winning the right bank outskirts of town (1943) allowed to start Voronezh-Kastorensky offensive.Today on the site of bloody battles a branch of the "Diorama".

at the site of the second floor contains exhibits dedicated to the Navy.Visitors interested in the decrees of Peter I, the submarine era of World War II (model), the anchor of the Turkish ship of XVIII century, found in the Sea of ​​Azov, and other relics.

Voronezh - a city in which formed the airborne troops.Portraits of soldiers involved in the big event, located on the second floor.There is also a showcase with the Air Force officers' personal belongings, news, documentaries, a table showing the combat path of airborne troops.

administration and staff of the museum did not escape the attention of soldiers-internationalists.In a separate room contains materials about the heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia, who fought in Spain, Cuba, Afghanistan, Africa, the North Caucasus.

also Voronezh (museum "diorama") invites you to a thematic exhibition.


Since "Diorama" - the center of patriotic education, a variety of events are held here, video classes, custom classes, meetings, solemn farewell of draftees.So, July 7, 2015, residents and guests of Voronezh acquainted with the defenders of the Fatherland, who participated in the First World War.The same day, employees of the center greeted the participants of the rally "from sea to sea."

June 23 primary school pupils watched a film about the celebration of victory, and got acquainted with the exposition of "Voronezh - a city-hour" and the day before the museum took part in the region's "Wreath of memory" and to celebrate the anniversary Tvardovsky.

eve of the Day of Memory and Mourning on the court at the center of patriotic education held an event "Tomorrow Was the War".Voronezh (museum "diorama") invited everyone to participate in the patriotic action.Veterans, their families, soldiers and police officers lit candles in memory of those who died for peace and quiet in the land.Every year the museum held a dedication to the Cadets.

staff "Diorama", war veterans and simply indifferent citizens participate in patriotic education of children and youth not only in the framework of a unified state policy, but also in his heart.

Mass grave number 6

The composition of the memorial complex dedicated to the war against fascism, together with the "Diorama" is an exhibition of armored vehicles, artillery, and a mass grave with the registration number 6. Here are buried the soldiers and officers who fell in the battles for the city.

In 1942, German troops took part in Voronezh.In order to liberate the city from the enemy, the Soviet soldiers were dug in the area between the bridge and Chernavskaya Vogresovskim dam.All Fascists bombed and strafed the fighters.The killed soldiers were buried in the woods near the village Monastyrschenki.Today the area is part of the city, and transformed into a grove park Patriots.

Until the early 90s over the mass grave memorial rose soldier breaks the swastika.The monument was dismantled, but in 2010 in connection with the assignment of Voronezh the title "City of Military Glory" in front of "Diorama" appeared stele.

Voronezh museum "diorama", a mass grave, the exhibition highlights the eternal fire weapons.

Address, opening hours

«Diorama» awaits visitors at Leninsky Prospekt, 94. The doors of the museum from Tuesday to Friday open to the public at 10.00 and closed at 18.00.On Saturdays and Sundays the museum is open from 10.00 to 16.00.

Other museums of Voronezh

addition to patriotic institutions, in Voronezh has a treasury of literary, artistic, historical heritage and natural science museums.For historical museums include the estate Nikitin, AL Durov SAEsenin Archaeological Museum "Kostenko," Museum of Folk Culture, History Museum, which is located in the branch of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War Museum of the History of Public Education of Voronezhfield and others.

literary museum established in memory of the poet IS Nikitin, S. Yesenin, DV Venevitinov.Also in the city of Voronezh State University Museum and the Museum of the book library PD Ponomarev.Fine art on display in the museum named INKramskoy.Knowledge of natural sciences enrich the aforementioned Local History, the Archaeological Museum and the Geological Museum of VSU.