Educational System

Educational system - a relationship of components such as the purpose of education, the part of education (teacher and pupil), the basis, methods and forms of educational process and tools.The key to any activity of the teacher is the main task - education of the individual, capable of intelligent actions and commitment to the end result.Educational goal includes moral, aesthetic, philosophical, and other aspects of the vision of the perfect man, and helps to define its purpose in public life.

Educational system - a group of people who put education and educational problems ahead, and then solve them.They can be made using a variety of methods in educational, educational and training activities, which are aimed at achieving the main goals in his creative work with children.

Pedagogical system includes a number of subsystems.It's all social institutions that perform educational and educational functions are combined into a single educational concept.Major subsystems in the formation of a school.The education system consists of the following sub - grammar school, high school, college and so on. It is also created guidelines for the preparation of teachers, tutors for various types of educational institutions (specialized and higher).

All training methods are different in meaning and direction, they differ in organization and purpose.For example, pre-school education.Its main training procedure is kindergarten, and subsystem - Multilingual kindergartens, specialized for weakened children, and others.

There copyrights educational systems that have been developed by leading educators like J. Comenius, Ushinsky K., L.Tolstoy, and Vladimir Makarenko Sukhomlinsky.This teacher of classics.

We reviewed the systems and subsystems.What is their structure?Pedagogical system identifies four interrelated parts: teachers, students, material resources and means, and their close cooperation in the result forms the pedagogical process.The main task of the educational and methodical work - to carry out the goals set by society.

Professor VP Simonov said that there are nine components of the educational system.They are always interrelated and interact with each other.These include the purpose, as well as those who manages educational system, and those who are governed, communication "subject - subject-object", the activity of training and education, and their methods, teaching methods, organizational learning areas and the result of all the work.

Each educational system has to perform special functions, and achieve performance goals.Are manage and control the process of education.First - it is educators and teachers, and the second - those who educate.Each learner is a person, he is involved in the learning process, manifesting itself and thus takes personal formation and development.

management teaching system includes a number of principles - a sequence in the learning process, communication studies and management, objective and reliable information, humane and democratic education and training.The emphasis is on transparency, as it is the foundation of openness and reception of information available when each member of the educational process is not only always aware of school problems, but is also a member of their deliberations and decisions.Modern education - not a monologue, but a dialogue between rulers and ruled.This is the principle of democracy and the right management training.