How to perform on the slopes of the window with his hands

Replacement of windows - it's always some difficulties, but if it were not embedded slopes, the whole opening looks sloppy.This work can be done independently.First of all, vote the whole opening.It is important its width, the technical condition and partially frame material.To perform slopes for plastic windows with their hands and without any problems, better pre-specify the installation of the frame start profile.He snaps his profile prior to installation, and further simplifies the job of sealing of slopes.

slopes can be made of gypsum plasterboard sheet, narrow apertures suitable plastic panel, but it is more convenient to use sandwich panels.The cheapest option - plaster soffits on the window with his hands.The thickness of the plaster layer is applied depends on the purity of the opening.If the dismantling of the windows in the old fund has fallen off the entire slope, while the execution of works on plastering of the opening can be increased, as it is necessary to apply several layers of plaster.And the cheapest option will last for several days.

use of gypsum plasterboard in the sealing of the opening to simplify some of the work.But it is not the fastest option.To fix the gypsum plasterboard is initially necessary to make a crate of brusochkov.Its configuration is dependent upon the opening.Sometimes it is enough to attach to the wall are two or three horizontal crossbar.And they have to fix the prepared sheet.Performing giprochnye slopes on the window with his hands in advance should consider how to close up the joints of the frame and gypsum plasterboard.Also, the question arises about the casing, close to the junction.

If the apartment walls are not very thick and the width of the aperture not exceeding 250 mm, it is possible to use plastic panels.Their diversity allows you to perform any color on the windows slopes with their own hands.On small openings can be fixed to the building plastic foam.To this end, the two sides and the top in a rigid foam make cuts and inserted against the frame of the plastic panel.

Suitable starter profile, but it is convenient to capture only the window of plastic.For warming and opening to the panel does not bend along the length of all the free space can be filled with foam.The joint close to the wall or panel strip area.This embodiment is particularly interesting for sealing the opening when the colored windows are made of wood or plastic.Dark Oak of the frame in combination with a light oak on the slopes and the windowsill create its own unique flavor.

another suitable material, which is often used for the slopes, this sandwich panels.They are convenient because they already contain insulation inside plastic.The thickness of a panel of 10 mm.There is a small selection of color, but most commonly used sandwich panel in white.If you order a set for the closing of slopes, you get a starter profile, the panel itself and the cover strips on the clips.As a result, you can effortlessly seal the slopes on the window with his hands.But all these activities can be obtained in the finished version, if you opt to install windows "turnkey".

From street-side opening is also advisable to put in order.Sometimes visible foam.It certainly needs to be closed from the sun.This is usually done by means of plastering or casings.You can make the shutters on the window with his hands.Now hardly anyone uses these window elements.They are increasingly replacing the blinds or shutters.But in the old days, they were very much in demand.The shutters are usually made of wood.The rectangular frame slats are inserted at an angle, leaving air gaps.When you open the flap shutters swing open outwards without interfering with opening windows.