How to make a ladder, the calculation of which you have made, you will not fail?

ladder is always a decorative element that allows us to give the house its own unique design.Visit any museum or building, has retained its interior from the time of kings.The grand staircase of the Hermitage long-pleasuring our view its beauty and regality.But we hardly need a ladder, the calculation of which is associated with such requirements pomp and pomposity.Who is more important to fit it into the interior.

start the construction of the house, try on the stage of the project to determine the location of future beauty.The calculation steps, their height, width and the number could be done later, when indicated a line of pure sex.There are two methods for determining the parameters of the ladder all missing.The first option allows you to calculate the required data according to formulas, the second is based on a graphical approach.

do calculations stairs in a house that is already built, are usually more complex than at the design stage.It is necessary to consider the situation.So, it can turn out such a project is not quite what you would like to see.Lack of space can change the appearance of the ladder will have to choose from that can be at the site to install.To this did not happen in advance to take away her enough space.

knowing where it will be your ladder, start with the calculation to determine its species.If this odnomarshevaya without any frills ladder, there is important the angle and size of the future kosoura.Number of steps is considered to be major indicators.The height of the riser, on the basis of recommendations of the various building codes, must not exceed 20 cm. The minimum size is less than 14 cm, is also undesirable.

Usually stride length person of average height is between 60 cm and 64 cm. The width of the stage must fit the foot.Making it less than 20 cm is not recommended, it would create an inconvenience when walking.The height of the step is determined instep convenience, this value is usually less than half the length of the step.For the final payment can be taken directly to their size.Then you get the ladder, the calculation of which will be completely satisfied with the best figures.

determined the location of the ladder and the height to which it is necessary to raise, starting to calculate other parameters.Measure the length of the tape pad, you took a ladder, then to use normal math.Knowing the length of the march, we determine the number of stages by using the riser height 16 cm. We specify this figure, using available information.So, to stairs, the calculation of which we will produce, was comfortable, we take as a basis the averaged value.The height of the finished product is 320 cm. The length of the opening, which we can take into account in the formula is assumed to be 350 cm. Now define a number of stages: K = 320/16 = 20.

first step is considered a line of sex on the first floor, so weit does not take into account in these calculations.We get the 19 steps.Now we define the length kosoura.For this we use the formula Pythagorean school.We have two numbers, left to determine the slope.Performing a series of arithmetic, we obtain the estimated length of 472.4 cm. Accept the length of the march, equal to 475 cm.

next action helps to calculate the width of the steps.According to our data, we have 25 cm. Check the results of the formulas that provide safety and comfort.The results do not fit into these formulas, then you need to change them, to comply with all the requirements.This will be the size of the riser, equal to 18 cm.

K = 320/18 = 18 - 1 = 17 degrees.

L = 475/17 = 28 cm.

28 + 18 = 46 cm.

28 -18 = 10 cm.

Got a perfectly acceptable option, but you can still play, taking into account all the external factors.