Gauleiter in Nazi Germany - who is this?

history of Nazi Germany is short-lived, but very bloody.Getting it gave the Great Depression (Great Depression) - the global economic crisis that began in 1929 and particularly affecting the country's big business: the United States and Canada, the UK, France and Germany.In 1933 he destroyed the Weimar Republic, and contributed to the rise to power of Adolf Hitler.

coming to power

six million unemployed, the total growing discontent of citizens gave rise to a sharp radicalization of (extreme uncompromising commitment to certain views) society.Many supported the Communists (nearly 17%), but supporters of the NSDAP was almost twice as much.Adolf Hitler destroyed on its way to power, and his, and others', with the result that on Jan. 30, 1933, he became chancellor of Germany.

Nazi Germany was a totalitarian state with a one-party system (as all such regimes), government policies which were domestic terror and external expansion.

fascist state in the occupied territories and enslaved the whole of Europe was dotted with concentration camps, terror becomes the norm and the law.Nazi Germany had died along with his Hitler possessed, but officially the Third Reich ceased to exist 23 May 1945, at a time when it was dissolved by the Flensburg government headed by Karl Doenitz.Destruction and discrimination enslaved peoples - the official policy of the vampire state, which existed for 12 years.Who ruled the vast territories conquered who was responsible for the establishment of and adherence to the "new order" in the lands entrusted to him?

administrative-territorial unit

Gauleiter in Nazi Germany - it's official, burdened with all the power on the administrative and territorial unit, or "Gau", which appointed him to the Fuhrer himself.Actually, this is the head of the district.In 1933 - the head of the electoral district, which was 33. Subsequently, when the conquered territories, counties (not election) was 43. Even in 1925, after the failed "Beer Hall Putsch" of the NSDAP was reorganized, resulting in the position of Gauleiter appeared.And in 1928 this post included in the list of party ranks, and its emblem were two oak leaf in their buttonholes.

hierarchy of the Third Reich

Ranks in Nazi Germany, the ranks and insignia, were the army, the SS, the party.As head of the Gau belonged to the latter structure, it is necessary to elaborate on the party apparatus Reich.The highest rank in the imperial level had Reichsleiter (the eldest after Hitler), and then at the level of the Gau was, of course, the Gauleiter, the district level represented krayslyayter and orstgruppenlyayter was mainly at the local level.It can be stated that the Gauleiter in Nazi Germany - is the head of the Nazi Party to give him his undivided use in the territory, that is, it takes the highest position of the party in this area.The power of his reign there was before him was a task the Führer.He had his own power structure, their subordinates, namely the right of the Gauleiter was his deputy, who reports to gauptamtslyayter or executive in charge of internal party affairs.Then the order came amtslyayter, gaptshtellenlyayter, shtellenlyayter and mitarbayter.

the Party rank

As already noted, the Gauleiter in Nazi Germany - is one of the top ranks of the National Socialist Workers Party of Nazi Germany.Before 1939 "Gauleiter" was and position and title, after - only post.And Deputy Gauleiter - after 1939 could take up the post with the rank functionaries and befelslyaytera gauptdinstlyaytera.They were required to wear the armband, confirming his position.Party hierarchy of the Third Reich is quite confusing.Hitler created a unitary state, government and party apparatus in which fused the most.

Who is Reichskommissar

Gauleiter in Nazi Germany - is both an imperial governor.He was a sort of chief-president entrusted to him, "Gau".That is the main thing not happen.Fuhrer appointed Gauleiter provincial government comply fully.

However, there is still Reichskommissars positions or governors.Actually, Reichskommissar served as the government is not part of it, directly subordinate only to the Führer.The most glaring example - Hermann Goering at the post Reichskommissar aviation.But as the enslavement of more and more land, these posts have been introduced in the new territories to implement them imperial policy.Its sole purpose was the following: in the first phase - to squeeze everything possible out of these regions, ruthlessly exploiting the economic and human resources, on the second - clear, completely destroying or transforming into beasts of burden the local population and to prepare the territory for German colonists immigrants.

territorial division of the enslaved territories

For maximum enslavement annexed land were created following the Reich Commissariat Netherlands, Norway, Ostland, Ukraine (formed August 20, 1941, with its capital in Rivne), Muscovy, the Caucasus and Turkestan.Only the last two were planned, Muscovy was established, but for obvious reasons disbanded.Ukraine less fortunate - in 1942 Gauleiter Koch was appointed Reich Commissar of the country.Who is he - Erich Koch, which was just above the sun and cooler - just Hitler?Posts and ranks him was enough.In this regard, it should be noted that in addition to all the above posts, titles, ranks, implying one single thing - unlimited power, was also the chief of the civil administration, and it also served Erich Koch (District Bialystok).

keep everything Koch

In addition, the SA Obergruppenführer (General leytinant army) was Gauleiter of East Prussia and oberprezidentom.At the post of Ukraine Reichskommissar he stayed until 1944, thus aligning all of the above positions.And for all the positions he differed at rudeness and cruelty he surpassed all other Nazi executioners.This major Nazi functionary, more than any other known in our country precisely because it was the host of Ukraine, although his name is associated with the disappearance of the Amber Room, and with the arrival of the delegation Ribbentrop Pact in 1939 in Moscow.

Nazi warlord

Erich Koch in the literal sense Gauleiter of Ukraine was not, he was Reich Commissioner, because the title "Gauleiter" was abolished in 1939.Most likely, in the public mind, the term has been inextricably linked with the concept of host rebuke unlimited power, which he used to the full.Although some of the articles called "Gauleiter Reich Commissariat Ukraine."In a word - the slave owner, who regard Russian (or rather Soviet) I was not going to be him.Koch said that for the life of this great nation of Germany unprofitable, so about any of colonization and exploitation are not talking, they are simply destroyed.It may be added that this inquisitor spent 36 years in a fairly comfortable, it was built by the same prison, and the Soviet government did not require his extradition.He lived to be 90 years.

sprouts of neo

Gauleiter of Germany were the most loyal dogs Adolf Hitler.After the war, this rank remembered in 50 years due to the "Circle of Nauman," or "Circle Gauleiters."Then, in this country very much revived neo-Nazi movement.Rallying behind Naumann (Minister of Press and Propaganda of the Third Reich), the former Nazi functionaries wanted to get into the highest legislative and executive bodies of Germany.