Nationality Russian!

dictionary explains that the word "nationality" refers to a specific group of people belonging to a particular ethnic group.In the late nineteenth century, it was determined by the language in which the said person and his religion.Ienationality "Russian" refers only to those people who spoke only in Russian.

Soon, the situation has changed.The Soviet people had to choose a nationality, coinciding with the nationality of one of the parents.So, at least, the Constitution required the time.However, in reality there were also curious cases.

once received the passport girl, whose father was an Ossetian, and his mother - Ukrainian.By the way, the parents at the same time handed over the passport to the exchange.In the same passport office.

As expected, their nationalities have been recorded in their passports.As expected, she wrote in a statement, "Please assign the nationality of his father."I passed the time limit, and she gets a passport, which says that it - Russian.Citizen in disbelief turns to passportist answer is stunned.It sounded so:

- Do not you care?

girls were all the same in the Soviet Union were all equal.But when her parents received passports, shock became even stronger.In the column "nationality" Russian was given his father, Russian - mother.So this family Russified.Calms them only one thing: the mother and father of the girl, their relatives in the fourth degree were born and grew up in a very Russian city, in the middle lane.But Ossetians and Ukrainians were recorded on the nationality of the parents.

Today Russian Constitution clearly states that a person shall have the right to determine their own nationality, and no one can prevent it.Sometimes there are funny cases.In one of the largest cities in the eighties we played a Russian wedding between a student from Cameroon and a black woman from South Africa.Now their grandson, charming black, broad-nosed and puhloguby Luis Mvay Njogu, who is now 30, in all forms indicate: nationality - Russian.Reading his papers caused not one smile from the officials.

But Luis is really Russian.For his incomplete 30 years he was a four-fold in Africa, has a residence permit in one very large Russian city, is fluent in Russian and in four languages, including, alas, no dialect of his parents.And the main thing - the soul of a Russian: a good, broad and responsive.

term "Russian nationality" was much wider.We are still in the habit of sharing Russian and Ukrainians, Belarusians and Kazakhs.For Turkey, Egypt, Japan and many other countries for any representative of the territory, which used to be the USSR, there is only one nationality: Russian.

This word has a certain grandeur, great pride, ownership history.After all, Russian - a Russian National Ballet, more than a hundred years was considered unbeatable.Russian - is the victory over Nazi Germany and the first flight into space.

Russian - proud, strong and great word.We must always remember this.We must be proud that we - Russian.