How to ask for forgiveness, to restore relations?

We all know how difficult it is to ask for forgiveness from the closest and we love people.Anyone can forget any debt, but not those who are dear to us.Anyone can easily say this is the magic word - "sorry", but not the one who is waiting for him from us most.What are ways to apologize, without much effort, and without prejudice to their self-esteem?If

between people appear trifling differences, then ask forgiveness, they prefer a theatrical way, that is: to wring his hands, tearfully begging and even beat my head against the wall.Such a prayer of forgiveness causes the other side to laugh and to restore the relationship.

very easy to close the gap in the relationship, if bribed offend.In this case, we are not talking about bribery in a sealed envelope.We are talking about how to ask for forgiveness, doing some nice upset for a man of action.For example, to show more attention and care, buy a gift, to make concessions.

Gift in difficult situations is very important, so do not even take into account if you zlyaschiysya people angrily reject him.This is nonsense, because the subconscious is repentance has been taken, but pride does not allow to demonstrate reconciliation.A little patience, and attractive gift breaks the resistance and will be accepted with gratitude.

very good way to ask for forgiveness - in a letter or SMS-ke.It is much more effective than the oral explanation in which the prepared speech is lost, and his voice betrays or unconvincing.But the resulting message will be read many times, of course, if it does not tear upon receipt.For written expression of regret about the incident have to happen and oral explanation to convince the person that you wrote a letter from the heart.

In any case, the conflict is best solved by a call on a sick theme.This conversation (in a calm and savoir-tone) is to put an end to the dispute, to resolve a claim, who caused offense to another person.All the arguments, it is desirable to state clearly and very clear.At the same time, you can not ask for forgiveness, not having listened to the arguments of the parties arguing with you.If you do not find understanding, then even leaving the issue unresolved, explain frankly that does not agree with your opponent, so leave the question open.I agree with unacceptable to you the views of counterparts for the settlement of the conflict - so lay the foundation for the new divisions.

most effective way to ask for forgiveness all know from an early age, when we are just coming to take offense at our parents and said, "Excuse me."Having said this word, you simply makes it clear that realize their mistakes.Of course, you have to listen to reproaches, and perhaps many of them will be fair, and, therefore, it is useful to make clear that you realize the depth of his guilt and ready to it "to atone."

If you belong to the category of people who generally can not forgive forgiveness, then your position is not easy, because everything you experience in yourself and get a double punishment.Simply those who, without delving into the issue could apologize a hundred times in a row.

So ask forgiveness right!