Goblin shark - the elusive monster

Underwater richly amazing creations, which often cause the horror his appearance and habits.Such probing the depths of fear of the residents concerns goblin shark, which is also referred to as "goblin" or "Gorgun."The first time it was found in the sea depths of one hundred and ten years ago.In Japan, in the hollows of the sea near the Yokohama fishermen were caught strange being one hundred and six centimeters in length.This kind of people struck the male view, was nothing like any of the well-known at the time the fish.It was called "Tengu-replaced" or "house" (translated from Japanese).Then for the first time sea monster was given the Latin name Mitsukurina owstoni, under which it is known in the writings of scientists and experts in the field of marine animals and fish.

goblin shark (photo) has a heavy massive body, long tail fin, snout elongated and flattened, with a wedge-shaped side view.Drawer type jaws are equipped with needle-like sharp teeth.Anal largely greater spins.In nominating the jaw forward, it resembles a beak.The small bead-like eyes are black, translucent skin covering the body, it can be seen through the circulatory system - blood vessels.Long enough for professionals engaged in the study of such creatures as the goblin shark, we were convinced that the color of her body only a dull brown and gray shades.However, in the 76th year of the last century it was made by Japanese experts in the media and posted pictures of dead sharks of the species.In the picture are clearly visible pink tones the body, fins with blue edging.

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For years goblin shark bore its name because it is impossible to be detected and caught.Overall, in the period up to the third year of this century, we know only a forty-five successful captures of sharks.She even brought in the Red Book as rare species.But suddenly in April of the same year off the coast of the island of Taiwan were caught hundred specimens of the little-known fish.The catch consisted mainly of males, who are in the network, while at a depth of about six hundred meters.Especially valuable are the jaws of sharks, which were soon sold for large sums of money (several thousand dollars).Currently, the average size of the body is known for the male, while the length of the female body remains a mystery.

Presumably, the goblin shark (female) can grow up to six meters in length, it is slightly larger than the male.It should be noted that there is currently no accurate data on the female fish because gravid females never appeared in networks anglers.Further consideration needs and method of propagation of these sharks because scientists have only put forward some assumptions that are not supported by reliable evidence.There is a version that such fish breeding method of forming eggs in the abdomen of females, then grows and is born young.According to many scientists, the nature of the strong kids still inside the mother destroy the weak individuals, which explains the birth of a small number of powerful fish.Experts are working to identify what sharks are found in the Black Sea.In particular, the habitat forms a certain kind.There are such samples as stsillium (cat shark), spiny dogfish and spiny dogfish.