About how to choose the feeder rod

feeder fishing is becoming increasingly popular in our country.Many fishermen have already realized the advantages and positive aspects of the English method of fishing.

Many novice anglers there are a number of questions about how to select a feeder rod.Let us try to understand the main points when choosing and buying of fishing accessories.

First you need to define what it is.Feeder - a gear that serves for catching bottom fish.It consists of rods, reels, fishing line or cord, leash hook special feeders.

data length rods can be from 3.4 to 4.6 m. They consist of three parts.Plus apex (there may be from 3 to 5).The main parameter selection of the length of the rod is the width of the river and the nature of fishing grounds.The most usable length rods - 3.6 and 3.9 m. The apex placed in a special tube.Tube and rod components are a special case.

worth noting that the long rods easier to manage when playing a fish tackle and more convenient to make long casts.Shorter more convenient to throw in those cases where a lot of trees on the bank.Therefore, asking the question of how to select a feeder rod, carefully read the terms and conditions of fishing to select its optimum length.

vershinku different colors, which are supplied to the feeder, have different degrees of hardness.It is specified as a oboznacheniy- M, L, S. LM etc.If vershinki not marked, then there is a simple way to determine their stiffness - take them at the ends and pinch with two fingers, and then soak in a hanging position.That apex, which will curve below all be very soft, more by the degree of bending rigidity define the rest vershinok.Most soft - the most sensitive and toughest used in strong winds and currents.The more interchangeable vershinok complete, the better.

test feeder - one of the main parameters of the rod.It defines the maximum possible weight feeder with groundbait, which can be used when casting.Its value is displayed on the form of rods.Under the test rods are divided into three main categories: «Light», «Medium», «Heavy».There is also the intermediate category (light-medium or medium-heavy, for example).For maximum light rod test does not exceed 60 grams.For mediums - 110 for heavy weight can reach 180 grams.

For a beginner the best choice would be a medium-class rod.It allows you to catch a rather different reservoirs (both free flow and medium and small).With this rod you will quickly master the technique of fishing the feeder.They can apply to small and medium rivers and lakes.If a rod quality, the casting of 50-60 m (if necessary) you will be able to do without any problems.

How to choose a feeder rod, you can tell the sellers of the store if they have enough for this knowledge base.Ask them to show the basic details of rods - rings, reel and joints.All of these elements must not have any visible defects.The more rings on the form, the evenly distributed load on the feeder.Rod feeder should be as light as a cane.Hold it, trotted - it's okay to lie down in his hand.Keep in mind that fishing is often necessary to make casts (not donk, which can be every hour perezabrasyvat).Buy feeder rod can be in many fishing stores, or ordered online store.

about how to choose the feeder rod, can be found in the on-going workshops and master classes for feeder fishing.Even if you can not get there, you can examine the records of these activities.Do not be lazy, look at them.There you can hear a lot of good advice from professionals and athletes fideristov.