Financial flows.

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Today domestic enterprises operate in a fairly volatile economic conditions.This causes the search for the most effective ways and methods to regulate the functioning of the industrial companies.As one of them performs the logistics.It allows you to reach a new level of information management, financial and material flows.This, in turn, helps to improve the final result of production and economic activity and to ensure a stable position of companies.

modern realities

foundations of a market economy, involving increasing the efficiency of production and sales, form the need for isolation and study travel agents.It corresponds to the movement of commodity values.In the process of moving from one subject to another, they can be considered as the financial resources of the organization.Their movement is caused by a number of logistics operations.

Goals logistics

basis of market economy form the basis for effective economic activities of companies.Expanding the scale of production, the increasing need to strengthen all types of interactions give rise to the creation of specific requirements to new methods and forms of management in companies.The decision of the traditional problems in modern conditions provide competent management of financial flows.Logistics is a specific system, the principles and methods which allow you to plan and control the movement of funds.Within this discipline, physical and financial flows are closely interact with each other.This is what allows you to find the most rational solution of problems facing the company.

Theoretical aspects

Financial flows of the enterprise - is the direction of movement of funds.It is carried out in the framework of logistics systems and between them.These movements are required to provide information and material flows.They appear in the reimbursement of costs and logistics costs, drawn from relevant sources, charge for services rendered and goods sold chain participants.Regulated financial resources of the organization to fully and timely provide the amounts, timing and sources of funds.

logistics tasks

Within the discipline is carried out:

  1. analysis of financial flows.
  2. Construction of models for the use of sources of funds and the algorithm move money into them.
  3. identified needs, the choice of financial reserves, control of interest rates on government securities and bonds, as well as on inter-bank and bank loans.
  4. establishment and management of the available balance in the budget, currency and ruble accounts for additional income from business operations with highly efficient tools.
  5. market research and forecasting sources of funds with the use of marketing techniques.
  6. Formation of operating systems, information processing and circulation of money.
  7. Coordination of operational control of material and financial flows.In this case, first of all subjected to evaluation costs, such as the transport of the package.The manager builds a model of material flows, given the costs.

principles of logistics

financial flows and movement of property, production and minimizing costs must be balanced.This is achieved through self-regulation mechanism of logistics.For projects finished products, correction of the conditions of supply from partners or customers in the system provides the possibility of changes in the supply circuit.This shows the flexibility of logistics.The methods used in the discipline, minimize operating costs while maximizing short-term cycles of execution of projects.Logistics the opportunity to model different financial flows, to predict the movement of funds from sources to implementing programs.This turnover is carried out free money with maximum efficiency.Within the discipline it integrates the processes of supply, financing, production and sales in one body of the project implementation.One of the fundamental principles of acts corresponding volume flow of funds required size costs efficiency, which is achieved by evaluating not only the costs but also the "pressure" on them, as well as the profitability in the process of placing money.

key aspect

as it serves the control of material flow.These include, in particular, the movement of raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products.For each material flow that occurs in the process of procurement of raw materials or product sales, storage or transportation of products, there is its own cash flow.It can be an attachment means or compensation for the sale of goods.

Schemes movement

in the planning and organization of logistics operations necessary to calculate a model of financial movements.For example, in international relations, the use of the price FOB and CIF has an impact on the distribution of the costs of insurance and freight between the supplier and the customer load.During transportation costs for damage shall be borne by the carrier or, or the sender - depending on the terms of the contract, the actual performance, offering the goods, the information specified in the documentation of title.When adjusting the conditions of the storage system may change the quality and safety of products.This, in turn, will affect the cost of services.It should also be borne in mind that the marketing of goods on their own, with the help of sales agents, consignees and commissioners there are various costs, provide different trade finance and the duration of the cycle.


Financial flows act as indicators of stability and well-being companies.They point to the efficiency of logistics activities and needs in planning and shaping the interaction with contractors.The organization of the budget for the current period of major financial flows show the amount of future revenues and capital investment required.They estimate calculated margins and profitability, which in turn is used in the preparation of financial statements.In addition, evaluation of cash movements to substantiate the involvement of loans and investments, enter into profitable agreements and treaties.From all this it is clear that the financial flows perform important tasks related to security, accounting and coordinating the movement of funds in the course of logistical operations.

System requirements for the timely and full provision of logistic processes must follow certain rules.The first of these is sufficient.This means that the financial resources the company should be required, and in time the appearance of the need for them.To implement the requirements of compliance indicators of the movement of funds in the plans take into account the amount of time and costs for the purchase and subsequent transportation of raw materials and equipment, the rules of production and warehousing.Take into account the specifics of marketing and distribution technologies.Another important requirement is a reliable source and the effectiveness of fundraising.To implement this provision is monitored market conditions, selected areas of minimal risk.At the same time determined by the sequence of attracting sources identified the likely difficulties in inclusion of resources in the operation.A fundamental requirement of logistics cost optimization stands.It is achieved by streamlining the involvement and the subsequent allocation of funds.An important requirement is the consistency of information, material, financial and other flows in the whole chain of movement of goods.This task increases the rational use of production resources and money.Control over the flow consistency contributes to the overall optimization of the entire system.


This requirement is related to the environment, environmental logistics system.Scheme of financial flows need to quickly and flexibly changed by changing the political and economic situation, legal and commercial conditions.Due to the fact that the participants of logistical operations belong to different spheres of production and circulation areas, the composition and structure of the movements of funds should be adapted to each counterparty.


It is necessary to ensure that the financial flows of the above requirements.In the provision of corrective action necessary to comply with the condition of interconnectedness directions.It is primarily on the interaction of information and financial flows.Implementation of this task facilitated by the use of appropriate systems that support decision-making, the use of corporate structures and automated databases.The larger will be the logistical structure, the more it branched chains, the more complicated schemes of movement of financial flows.During the study the movement of funds to a level of detail, identify impacts of internal and external environment.