Smelt - fish Useful

Smelt - fish, which has small, soft scales, which are very easy to fall off.She also has an elongated body, the mouth with a long jaw and many large teeth.This fish is very beautiful.Boca - silver with a bluish tint, and back - brownish-green and slightly translucent.

dimensions that has smelt the fish family, depend on the area of ​​its habitat.Generally the length varies from 16 to 20 cm, much rarer specimen length of 25 cm or more.There are European and Asian smelt, although the differences are so small that they are often confused with each other.The weight of each individual can be from 20 to 350 grams - it all depends on the habitat.The largest fish are found in Siberia.

Generally, smelt - a fish that has a very large area.However, most often it can be found in northern waters.Marine fish smelt family spread in fresh cold lake and called whitebait.Some researchers consider it a kind of degenerate.

smelt most frequently occurs in the Gulf of Finland, the Arctic Ocean, the Baltic and White sea

s, Ladoga, and Onega Lake Chud.It occurs only large shoals in the sea and in fresh waters.

smelt - the fish are very voracious.Although the principal food is zooplankton, she did not hesitate, and small fish, which is not much smaller than her.This fish belongs to the salmon, so its population of sea spring spawning sent up the river bland.At the same time billions of eggs laid, which later develop young.One particular lays up to 50,000 pieces per spawn.Depending on spawning grounds and weather conditions fry appear in 5-10 days.Almost all kind of very tenacious, so often to catch the consumer arrives alive.The longevity of smelt varies and depends on the place of its habitat.In central Russia, the fish do not live more than 3-4 years, but the closer to the north, the greater the period of its existence.In Siberia, the age of the individuals in a population reaches 10-12 years.

Thanks to the rapid and numerous fertility smelt - a fish that is available to the general public.Its nutritional properties make it possible to prepare from it a variety of culinary delights.It is possible to buy live, fresh frozen, salted, smoked or as preserves.Fish can be baked in the oven, fried on hot coals in the clay, or simply in a skillet.The smell of freshly caught smelt like the smell of cucumbers.Pulp fish several zhirnovat, but it just melts in your mouth.Eat it better with fresh vegetables or boiled or fried potatoes.

Smelt unpretentious and very well suited for artificial cultivation on a commercial scale.Breeding fish in a whole easily.It is enough to have a fairly deep lake or pond of cold water.It is known that in England this type of fish are bred even in key ponds, where it is very well developed.The most advantageous place for breeding, according to experts - is a lake in central Russia.