Starling chicks how to bring up?

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often happens that the starling chicks fall into the hands of man.This is due to the fact that children can fall out of the slot at any time, since it indicates the degree of protection.In addition, young pretty shy and start to back away when they feel the approach of danger.And considering that flying fledglings can not yet, possible to climb back they do not.On the ground, they are the most vulnerable - most predators will now be able to eat small chicks.In this case, the man is the only savior, and if you try, you will be able to grow up healthy starling.

most important error in the care of the kid becomes a feeding him bread.The fact that the bread crumbs can absorb only adults, starling chicks can not yet do.You can soak a soft loaf of bread in the milk and give young, but do not do this often.Also, toddlers should not eat salty foods, since salt is toxic to them.In fact, the diet should be as close to that which would have been at the birds in the nature: small insects, worms, larvae, caterpillars, sometimes - the meat (both raw and cooked).Starlings with an appetite to eat fish, as long as it was not salty.It should be remembered that the natural food you still have to produce because at a young meat or fish will not grow.Remember that kid in your hands that feed and grains.Therefore, it is necessary to add to the diet of a variety of cereals.However, abusing this food is not necessary, because it is too hard, baby body can not cope with a large portion.

Once you have decided what to feed a baby bird starling, is to understand the dosage.Since the bird is considered quite large, the food she should be sufficient.The total weight of the food that starling chicks must eat for two hours, must be equal to half the weight of the baby.If the baby eats everything you have prepared for it once, then you're in luck - you're dealing with a fairly adult individuals, which increases the chances of surviving chick.If he does not eat it all at once, you need to feed the bird in several approaches.

Plus, do not forget that the starling chicks have to quench their thirst, otherwise they will die from dehydration.Usually, kids do not immediately begin to eat and drink with the man's hands.To show them your good intentions, you have a little extra pressure on the sides of the beak, opening it, then sletok feel that it quenches thirst and hunger, and subsequently will not oppose feeding.Kids are usually watered with the dropper.

If you are interested to know which is your chick rock belongs to the starling, photos will help you.The fact that determine the type of bird can still be a small age.Chicks are significantly different from each other.In addition, information from the books can help you determine the sex and age of the foundling.In any case, if you find a baby bird that is not able to independently bring up, help him, because you have all possibilities for this!