The gods love the Greeks, Romans and Slavs

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Everyone feels the need to love and communicate with a person of the opposite sex.Love helps to prevent conflicts and bring people together.Only in union with your beloved people can find absolute integrity.The nature of love can be very different from the passion and sexual attraction to spiritual and platonic love.In ancient times, there was no dating or psychotherapists and counselors, or divorce proceedings.Instead, it was invented myths, legends and beliefs, which many guises Bright feelings corresponded goddesses and gods of love.

Each nation had its own myths, their gods and goddesses.The most famous of them - the Greek god of love Eros.It became a popular symbol of Valentine's Day and other love romance.The Roman Empire began its analog Cupid and Cupid.In ancient times, the gods of love are depicted in the form of beautiful young men, who were holding a bow and arrow.The modern interpretation of this cunning little fellow-prankster, still holding the bow with magical arrows which when released into the heart of the objective cause passionate feelings.Among other things, the ancient god himself fell victim to love.

According to legend, lived a long time ago in the world girl of unprecedented beauty.And her name was Vicky.She was so beautiful that she envied the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite.She could not tolerate the death match her beauty, and sent his son Eros to punish her.He had to put her in the heart with an arrow of unrequited love.But when Eros saw a beautiful woman, he had a crush on her and made her his wife.Also I fell in love with Psyche Eros.But there is one "but": the wife had no right to see her husband.People were not allowed to look at the gods.One sister Psyche persuaded her to sneak a look at his favorite.Curiosity got the upper hand, and she could not resist.Eros was angry.He decided to punish her husband, violating a ban of the gods, and left her forever.Psyche is so fond of her husband that she could not come to terms with his loss.She went to the temple of the goddess Aphrodite for help.But cunning goddess was still angry with beauty.She decided to test her.Psyche bravely withstood all the tasks and assignments of Aphrodite.The last task was to carry the casket into the kingdom of Morpheus.According to Aphrodite, where the beauty of his wife kept the god of death.However, the goddess tricky to put a dead sleep.Opening the box, Psyche fell dead.Eros has found his beloved Psyche and awakened her with a kiss.He forgave his wife and gave her immortality as a reward for her courage, love and loyalty.

By the way, in the ancient myths of the gods of love is often depicted with white pigeons around them.So today, the doves - it is also a symbol of love between man and woman.A white dove - a symbol of female fidelity.In addition, from time immemorial considered doves connecting thread between two lovers who are separated.

In Ancient Russia also had their gods love.For example, everyone knows the goddess of love, beauty and spring Lada.This is analogous to the Greek Aphrodite and Roman Venus.Her beautiful daughter Lola.But the chief god of love Slavs - it is God Yarilo.It symbolized love, passion and fertility.It depicts a young red-haired rider on a white horse.Each year, the Slavs celebrated spring and rebirth of life.At the festival chose a bride for Yarily, tied her to a tree and drove around her dances.It was believed that during the week Yarily special power of love had all sorts of conspiracies, divination and herbal teas.