How to record music on a CD-RW, using the program Nero Free?

each user in our country known program Nero.Its popularity in recent years has become even higher.This is largely due to the fact that you can set completely free and functional version.So, how to record music on a CD-RW, using this wonderful app?In fact, this is no big deal.The recording process is so simple that it is easy to cope with even a novice.

course, will have to start to find the application file and then install it.The program will set the standard in such cases, questions about where and what rights you need to install Nero, which users can be granted access to it.We recommend to use the options that are issued automatically during the installation.Then you can try to record music on CD-RW.

As we burn a disc?

So, how to write with the help of free software disc?As we have said, nothing supernatural about it.The drive of your computer or laptop is required to place an optical "pig."Since record CD-RW disc can be repeatedly, make sure that the data on the media you will not be required.Select the drive in the program, and then begin to install the burning settings.In particular, before writing the music on CD-RW, it can not hurt somehow meaningfully "to call" drive, using his name musical groups, for example.

Then you can throw the audio files on the disc.It can be used for this purpose two simple ways.First, you can use the group selection operation by dragging the file icon in the program.Also, if you click an icon with a large "+", you'll get the same "Explorer", where you can specify the application path to music.

It is important to select the recording speed.It is not desirable to leave it to the discretion of the program, since otherwise the burning will be produced, with maximum indicator.Many domestic players trite not be able to read this disc.In principle, it is possible to finish.It should wait until the process is successfully completed.It can take considerable time, especially if a lot of data, and the disk is written to the minimum speed.

How to copy discs and burn the image?

Given that you already know how to write music on a CD-RW, you can talk about some other features Nero Free.For example, you can copy a disc.To do this you will need the original media from which a copy will be removed.Also, it does not hurt to get a corresponding disc, which will be recorded all the information is copied.

If you have one drive, the program will create an intermediate image to a temporary folder.In the case where you have enough space on your hard drive, we recommend to clean it lightly, otherwise copy may not happen.If your car two drives, then everything will be easier.You choose one of them as the source code and the other using the receiver.Incidentally, the record in this case will go much faster.

We hope that you have learned how to record music on CD-RW!