The syntax of the proposal

syntax of the proposal, which is also called "parsing" is required to organize its structures, which helps to more fully understand its meaning and to prevent errors in setting punctuation.As a rule, such a written work required in institutions of secondary education, as she subsequently performed silently on the automatic level.

First of all, the offer is characterized by the target expression and emotional coloring.It can be declarative, interrogative, or incentive;exclamation or nevosklitsatelnym.Most of the information at this stage is taken from the final punctuation mark: question mark makes it plain that we face interrogative sentence, and point - that nevosklitsatelnoe.Incentive can be identified by the presence of a verb in the imperative mood.

The following description of the number of proposals on the basics: simple - if it is one, and difficult - if there are several.

If the proposal was simple, characterizing it by the type of bases - one-piece or two-pronged.In the first case, you must specify the category (denominative, definiteness or indefinite-personal, impersonal).In the second - a complete sentence or incomplete.

Then go of the proposal by the presence of minor members - it can be advanced or non-proliferation.Next, specify the presence of complicating the structures - the introductory words, appeals involved and verbal participle phrases, homogeneous terms, direct speech, isolated designs.And in the end - we understand all of the sentence, indicating the part of speech by which they are expressed.We explain punctuation.Feature suggestions, if it is simple, this is the end.

features a complex sentence is somewhat different from the above-described scheme.After the second paragraph should specify the type of communication between its parts - it can be a union or asyndetic.Upon detection of the Union determines the type of connection offers - slozhnosochinennoe or Compound.

After that separately analyze each simple design as if it were a separate proposal by the algorithm above.Likewise specified composition, the presence of secondary members, complications and so forth.This characteristic offers completed.

So we see that any of the proposal eventually reduced to explain punctuation.That is, it is necessary to carry out a systematic self.In addition, this procedure helps to avoid common syntax errors, such as incorrect agreement between the parts of the sentence.Feature suggestions in most cases is quite simple, but there is a downside.The slightest mistake can lead to misinterpretation or false suggestions of his writing.Of course, when working with a ready example is not so bad.But jobs where the offer depends on the parsing statement punctuation marks, you should try to approach to the characterization of possible more seriously.And then you can avoid a lot of mistakes.