Belovezhskoe agreement, or a country that we lost

Instead preface

current President Vladimir Putin called the collapse of the Soviet Union the greatest geopolitical mistake of the 20th century.Belovezhskaya agreement, and, as a result of it, the formation of the CIS were not able to fix it.

cause and effect

History has proven that no matter how strong or a one or another empire, it is going through three main stages: the birth, rise and extinction.It was no exception and the major powers of the 20th century - the Soviet Union.Born in the bloody throes of revolution and civil war, passed through the cruelty of collectivization and the famine genocide of Stalin's repressions, total devastation and misery, who won the most terrible at the time the war - World War II, turned into a ruin, and, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, andhe was a colossus with feet of clay, made under the general law of genesis and broke up 21 years ago.

for such an event had its serious background, and one of the main - the relentless competition of the USSR and the US, Moscow and Washington.

During the "Cold War" West knew for myself one truth: the Soviet Union can not be defeated by military means, it can only undermine the cost, and the best find of allies within the Soviet Union itself.And indeed, they found - in the face of some of the leaders of the Union republics.

Objectives of the West were very clear.But what motivated the heads of government separate "republics-sisters?"As it turned out, the proverbial ancient principle of "divide and rule".Yes, they got tired to be subordinate to the main centers - Moscow, wanted to become rulers of their own estates, to live "nice and loose," as advocated America.

chipped it to power in the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin, really wanted to be a head of state.Similar goals cherished and influential leaders of other regions.But they did not shine in the conditions of the Soviet Union.There was only one - to strike a deal to eliminate the integrity of the country, the more so in the Soviet Constitution, adopted in 1977, on October 7 each republic considered sovereign state and had the right freely to secede from the USSR.

Fight for ...?

President Gorbachev tried to prevent the collapse of the Union, to preserve the unity of the state.To this end, on March 17, 1991, was conducted by the All-Union referendum in which the majority of citizens voted for the preservation of their country.On the 20th of August 91st was planned signing of a new Union Treaty.But it turned out to be derailed by the coup, which came to be known as the Emergency Committee.At the same time, 24 of August of 1991, Ukraine accepts the Declaration of Independence.December 1 Ukraine, simultaneously with the presidential elections, a referendum was held on the occasion of Ukraine's independence from Russia and other republics.The main question was worded rather flowery to confuse people who are not discerning the intricacies of the political game and formulations.Because 90% of voters supported the idea of ​​independence, all the more so in the matter referred to the preservation of allied relations with the former republics.In preparation for the referendum was carried out extensive propaganda campaign of nationalist sense, the essence of which was to the thesis-call: "Stop feeding Moscow!" If you pick up a unique document of those years - propaganda leaflets, handed out for free on the streets of populated centers of Ukraine, read literally.Handling on the first page, uppercase letters, and the table below with the text:

«Ukrainian citizens do not allow ourselves to be deceived!Production per capita and Ukraine's place among the most developed countries of the world ... "in the table indicates that Ukraine is ranked 1st by area, compared with Germany, Japan, England, that the extraction of natural resources, including iron ore,and steel production also 1-2 places among these states that the production of food, including bread, meat and dairy products in Ukraine several times higher than in the same countries.From leaflets appeared that Ukraine - a rich state that can exist by itself, feed themselves and provide everything necessary for the full functioning.But Ukrainians do not live rich and happy because all the seeds Russia, Moscow, like a giant leech stuck to people's body and drains the last: "Ukraine works out, Union exports, currency - takes Moscow.We and our children leaving economic ruin, genetic degeneration and misery. "Then, in the Ukrainian language was walking the list of issues, which alleged that the Communists, the governing Union caught stealing at all, with most of the stolen consists of the assets in Ukraine, that corrupt law enforcement and pursue a purely their criminal interests, without observing any legal requirements and bythis suffering people, and first of all - Ukrainian.I end this "masterpiece" again Big dialed call "citizen of Ukraine, regardless of nationality or party affiliation!THINK BEFORE REFERENDUM CENTER imposes on us: whether you need PROPOSED REVISED SSR? »

Such campaigns were carried out in the other republics.People are taught that Russia takes all means, and without it there will be the era of abundance, both in the West.So to plot, which resulted in the destruction of the USSR and Belovezhskoe agreement.

realized for three ...

So meeting between Russia, Ukraine and Belarus - Yeltsin, Kravchuk and Shushkevich - took place in the Bialowieza Forest, the residence "Viskuli."It was there that December 8 '91 was the historic signing of the Belavezha Accords, documents, according to which the Soviet Union ceased to exist, but instead formed the Commonwealth of Independent States - CIS.To him later joined by nine Soviet republics.

That Belovezhskoe agreement is unique in their criminal nature, as well as the plot itself, says that after the signing of all documents conspirators immediately called the head of the United States George HW Bush and reported his "achievements."That is to say, we have reported on the successful work done.

And Mikhail Gorbachev, Soviet president, learned about the incident the next day.Shortly thereafter, on December 25th of 1991, Gorbachev recently made in a televised address to the Soviet people as a president.He relinquished his presidential powers and immediately thereafter transferred nuclear briefcase, and with it control of all nuclear forces, Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

evening of December 25th, many of the world television were broadcast from Moscow on the launching ceremony of the USSR flag over the Kremlin and lifting instead of the Russian tricolor.So, without a single shot it was destroyed large, powerful country in the world.The thirst for power was stronger than common sense and patriotic convictions.


What gave people the collapse of the former Soviet Union and the creation of the CIS?Alas ... At that time, both in Europe erased borders, grew and became strong in the European Union, introduced visa-free regime and to form a common economic space within the former Soviet Union began to appear solid border and customs.Killed huge single national economic complex.The crisis of the 90's impact on the welfare of the citizens of all republics, ranging from resource-rich Russia, Industry of Ukraine and to a small impoverished Moldova, such as Tajikistan and others. In every newly-minted country began to develop its own ruling elite, cleverly capitalizing on the national question, inciting strifeand strife, and under this cover and rob "prihvatiziruyuschaya" the former state property.Originating caste of oligarchs, and now thriving.People found himself thrown to the margins of life and drag out a miserable existence for 21 years.And doubtless gain brought Belovezhskoe agreement only to the West.