When the economic potential of the potential in reality?

economic potential - the concept capacious.It includes such components as the country's natural resources, labor and human resources, is now involved and the potential in the future.

Some comparisons

accepted that the major economic potential of any country - its people, the creator of material and spiritual values.This is true, but do not write off other factors.For example, many western neighbors envy Russia's natural resources.It takes a leading place in the world in production and export of timber, oil, gas and many other minerals.But, oddly enough, this in no way affects the level of life of Russian citizens.

comparison, take a country like Germany.It does not have large reserves of natural resources, but it has one of the most advanced economies in the world and one of the highest living standards.

What is the secret of this success?I think that it is simple.When the economic potential of the country consists of deposits of "black gold", there is no need to engage in high-tech, high-tech industry to invest in order to make a sale of competitive products.It is much easier to operate the mine, "milking" of them all the best.It concerns not only oil but also gas, coal, gold, timber and generally all that is rich in the Russian Land.

Some time ago, President Putin has set the task - to reach this state of affairs, that the revenues from the real economy, iefrom production, equal to the income from oil and gas exports.To do this, even a lot of effort has been applied.In Russia, opened the enterprise on assembly of cars of many foreign brands.There have been some progress in this direction.But still Russian products are competitive enough and sold only within the CIS.And living in the country mainly due to the export of natural resources.And so it will be as long as the resources run out or they will not be found a replacement.The conclusion is elementary - the economic potential of Russia in the form of natural resources consumed quite economical.

Another thing - the above Germany, which buys the currency of oil and gas for their businesses and just for household needs.The German people are forced into these conditions generate technological invention, innovation, continuously improve its production, being in tough competition with its neighbors in the European Union, which also is not much natural resources.Only in such circumstances, people begin to actually be the main economic resource of the country.

Another example of how people can make money without taking anything from nature, are resorts.Bavarian Alps, Swiss Alps, the water of Baden-Baden, to which the Russian aristocracy still went from the 19th century.Even Turkey has brought the level of service to its Black Sea and Mediterranean resorts to the world level.Manufacturing produces enough quality products.And as a result, by the standards of the European Union, Turkey is a strong middle peasants living standards.And on the other side of the Black Sea hireyut Russian resorts and Russians themselves like "patriotic" to rest anywhere - in Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, the Bahamas, actively their money to boost the economy in these countries, but not in Sochi, Anapa, Tuapse, Gelendzhik.This reason is not prestigious, and the level of service leaves much to be desired, and the prices are superior to the Turkish and others.

All these examples prove once again: as a nation belongs to the country, so he lives.And as the economic potential is realized by the government, such is the benefit the country and people.Because, really, how much gold does not lie in the depths of certain lands, but the key is the ability to properly dispose of them.

Example decent, prudent use of the economic potential of the country show the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Brunei, a small country in territory and population, but giving Russia a head start in many ways.All of them are rich in oil, but it does not interfere with their Governments to promote development in the field of science and technology and other areas of production.Because here it is created by its unique service and affordable resorts, manufactured goods and industrial consumption, appliances, electronics, and there are no loops on petrodollars.

And More Food for Thought

Over time, the most valuable resource on the planet will be fresh water.In this respect, Russia is very lucky, her economic potential of the water is really high, becausein this country it is more than a quarter of the world's fresh water.That only is Lake Baikal, so thoughtlessly destroys until recently!This suggests that, after the oil and gas, Russia will start exporting water, and hence trying to capitalize on and profit for its oligarchs.Because, as long as it will be exported, free and barbarically selecting from nature, the Russian people will never become for Russia the invaluable potential of what was the German in Germany and the US - in the US, etc., and the standard of living in the countrywill correspond to the level of economic culture of its people.